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Happy 32nd birthday, Arashi's Matsumoto Jun-kun ! x3

Well, actually I'm not going to make anything for his birthday this year (because I have not enough free time recently, and especially because I'm not in the mood for it :p). But then I remember that I've made something a while ago, in which Jun is the main character. So I then decided to post it today, on his birthday.

But then I remember again, that I've left it on my office desk... And because today is Sunday here in my country, I'm in a day off. So...

Gonna post it tomorrow instead. Ahahaha.

Here it is:

"MJ in Wonderland"


Matsumoto Jun as Alice
Sakurai Sho as White Rabbit
Aiba Masaki as Mad Hatter
Ohno Satoshi as Dormouse
and Ninomiya Kazunari as Chesire Cat

And, yeah. I made Jun did the crossdressing...

Sorry, Jun! xp
(Is said with Keito's intonation) /bricked/ xD

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Not in the mood to make some fanart, so this year I just made this for our Pocky Devil. Hahaha!
Happy 32nd birthday, Nino-niichan :3 <3

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The Element Soldiers is a novel I wrote back then, when I was still in high school. It is about eight boys who have the power to control the elements of the nature.

Just now, when I was taking a bath, I suddenly remembered about that, and this thought suddenly crossed my mind:

What if Arashi were the member of The Element Soldiers? )

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So,.... out of bored, I made this...

It was made from the unused brochure, which scattered all around my exhibition stall.

Yes, I am being random, again xD

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Ontanyooobi omedetooooooooooopp !! x3

So, ... It looks like I shrunked Sho...
Oops, my bad :p


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Happy 15th anniversary "5 People That Shining Bright" !!!!! \(^o^)/
*borrowing Satoshi's words* xDDDD

Keep spreading LOVE and Happiness to the world! I love you guys!! x3 <3<3<3

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Yeaaa~~~!!! Finally, the first computer exhibition for this month is over!!! \(´▽`)/

To celebrate it, today I'll post a songfic meme that I've finished some times ago.

Based on this songfic meme by [ profile] 7day4dreamers

1. No beta. So there might be typos or grammatical errors
2. Adult situation (?)
3. Because I just had a very short time to write each story (that was only as long as each song played), so there might be some random (or confusing ?) scenes too...
4. Rating from G to PG~

Well, I'm not so confident with this, but... Dozo, I present to you, the amateur works of mine...

1. Arashi - Refrain )

2. flumpool - Taisetsuna Mono wa Kimi Igai ni Miataranakute )

3. Natsukawa Rimi - Yue Liang Thai Bia Wo De Xin )

4. flumpool - Harukaze )

5. flumpool - Akashi )

6. Josh Groban - To Where You Are )

7. One Ok Rock - Smiling Down )

8. Arashi - P.A.R.A.D.O.X )

9. David Archuleta - To be With You )

10. Perfume - Spending All My Time )

Completed! Yay!! XDDD

How's the stories? No good? Well, okay... :'(
*mourn at the dark corner*

It's quite fun to write again after a while.
I have not many friends in this journal though. But still, I'll appreciate any comments, maybe if one day there's someone who accidentally finds this silly fics of mine... xD
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2014.07.24 : Perfume in Versus Arashi
2014.07.26 : Take-chan in Arashi ni Shiyagare
2014.07.31 : Take-chan, AGAIN, with Rurouni Kenshin team (which means Kamiki may be there too) in Versus Arashi...

Yaaaay! \(´▽`)/
Yaaaaaaaaay!! \(´▽`)/

Perfect shows to end this month x3

And of course, Arashi is permited to invite Take and Mikki again, later, with their Bakuman team... *you wish*

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Inspired by HnA VIP Room's opening. That "What is your impression about Arashi?" part. Then, this question popped up in my head:

"If Arashi really exist in your life, then, they'll be your...?"

1. Ohno Satoshi: Daaaaad!!

Clumsy dad xD
When I do something wrong, mom will scold me hard, but Ohno will just watch in silence. That might causes him to be scolded too by mom, because as my dad, he should be the one who points out my mistake and scolds me instead of her xD
Then after mom finished her scolding and took the leave, he will call me to come to him, and explain to me what I've done wrong (calmly of course, no scolding)


2. Ninomiya Kazunari: Big bro!!!!

I always want to have a big brother! >.< Especially the one like Nino >.<
I think it will be fun to have a talkative big bro like him, who's very sharp, and will protest about anything xD
I mean, I can have an argument with him. I want a big bro whom I can have a fight with. Because it'll be boring if your oniichan is too nice, right?
Plain. No variation. Life will be just too easy, that you'll get boring quickly xp

Then, I need a big bro who's mischievous enough to join forces with me to do mischievous things >D

But I think if Nino ever be my big bro, then mom will have headache everyday. Because none of us will care to yield if we have a fight (which I believe will be happened everyday xp). And we'll spend soooo much time in front of our TV to compete in games xp

Ah, yeah. When there's a family vacation to the beach, I want to push him into the sea, so he gets wet. I know he hates sea, and totally not the type who will jump into the water, so... I do it to piss him off of course, so we can have a sibling fight (again) >D /slapped xD

3. Aiba Masaki: Best friend ever!!!

I'm not fiend-zoned him. It's just that we're quite the same type, that I think we'll get along very well, like a childhood friend :3
It'll be fun to hang around with him, doing silly things together xD we can also have adventures together :3 going to a camping, mountain climbing, and stuff like that x3
We can also join forces to "tackle" my oniichan (Nino) down xp /woy! xDD

Together, we are muteki! Ieeeii! \(´▽`)/ /slapped

Ah yeah, almost forget to mention: I would be very happy to help him with his experiments, especially the one involving food... xDDDD

4. Matsumoto Jun: Best partner at work!!

That'll be great having a work-partner like him. I mean, he's perfectionist and super-detail. So I think he'll be able to give great oppinions about our works :D
It's fun to have someone whom you can discuss with at work :3

I believe our works can be done way faster if we join forces :3 and since I'm the type who likes to adjust the deadline myself, so I'll be very, very, VERY happy to have him as my work-partner. No time wasted :3

5. Sakurai Sho: .....

Do I still need to mention and explain?

I think not.

Yeah, of course I'll choose him to be my...
Boyfriend. Then ex-boyfriend, because he changes his title into my 'husband' xp
Mom's son-in-law. My children's dad...

My life-time partner... ///////

Okay. Enough for today's randomness!!
Just go to sleep already! *scoldingself* xp
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Imajinesyooooon agaaaaaain~

Well, I have been suffering from a stomachache because of high gastric acid these last several days... +_+ I'm not allowed to eat spicy and sour food, as well as instant food, and also not-so-hygienic food.

Coffee is forbidden. And Banana. And carbonated-drinks. And emping. And sticky rice too.

Meanwhile, I love spicy food very much. And banana too...

*sigh* :(

And you know, if we are forbidden in doing something, the more we want to do that thing. Have you ever feel it too?

The more I am forbidden from eating those kind of food, the more I want to eat it!! >.<

Then, as expected from my randomness... This thoughts pop-up in my head...

[To be continued, because I have to go now. I'll finish this later]

00:33 - ore futatabi sanjou! >:D /slapped xD

So, back to the main topic...

"What if I fall sick, and one of Arashi member is my boyfriend?"

Here it goes... :)

1. Ohno Satoshi

Setting: at his house

Me : "Satoshi-kun, Satoshi-kun, may I eat this?" *waving a bag of spicy chips*
Ohno : *keeps busy with his sketch book*
Me : "Satoshi-kuuuuun~"
Ohno : "Hmm?" *finally looks up* "Nani?"
Me : ....... "No. Nothing. Nevermind...." *put the spicy chips bag back to its place and leave*

I feel tired just to think about it... xDD

2. Sakurai Sho

Setting: in a restaurant

Me : *drool over the picture of curry ramen level 5 on the menu*
Sho : "So, what do you want to eat?"
Me : "Nn..." *shifting my gaze from the menu, to Sho, to the menu, and to Sho again*
Sho : *frowns, then takes a glance to the menu I'm staring at. His eyes widens when he realizes what I want*
Me : "May I eat th--" *staring hesitantly at Sho*
Sho : *throws a death glare towards me*
Me : "Nn... Gyudon..."

Yappari... Sho wa muteki... XDDDD

3. Aiba Masaki

Setting: in a cafe

Me : "Masaki-kun! Let's eat this!" *pointing at banana split on the menu*
Aiba : "Ehh... But didn't the doctor tell you that you shouldn't eat banana for a mean time?"
Me : "Ee... Dame ka?" *trying to sound as disappointed as possible*
Aiba : "How about parfait? Nee, look at this! This one looks delicious! Look at the chocolate!" *trying to lift-up the mood again*
Me : "But I don't want to eat parfait. I want banana split." *pouting hard*
Aiba : "........." *hesitating* "Jaa... Just a little, okay? You're only allowed to eat a little bite of the banana, then I'll eat the rest, okay?"

Yay! I WIN!! \(´▽`)/ *slapped* xDv

4. Ninomiya Kazunari

Setting: at his house

Nino : *is eating cup ramen*
Me : "That's smells good. Let me take a bite." *come closer*
Nino : "Daaaaaaaame~" *turning his back towards me*
Me : *shifting to the front of him* "Just a veeeeeery little bite, please~?"
Nino : *glaring*
Me : "Kazuuu~" *puppy eyes*
Nino : *sighs, shoving his cup ramen towards me* "Go on, eat it. Eat it up, and get sick again. But don't complain at me when that happen. And I won't accompany you to see the doctor if you fall sick again. Go on."
Me : *pouting*
Nino : *smirks victoriously*

..... Okay. *waving a white flag*

5. Matsumoto Jun

Setting: in a konbini

Me : *take a bottle of cola from refrigerator*
Jun : *glares*
Me : "What?" *acting innocent*
Jun : "Your stomach!" *hisses*
Me : "It's just a cola~"
Jun : "Don't drink it! You'll sick again! How many times have I told you? No carbonated-drinks! Remember what the doctor said? Your stomach is fragile *bla bla bla*"
Me : *put the cola back to the fridge*
Jun : *sighs* *pouting at me* "Please, take a good care of yourself. I don't want you to fall sick again."
Me : "I know, I know. I don't want to be sick again too. I don't want to drink that cola, Jun-chan. I take it out just because I want to see your reaction." *let out a mischievous grin*
Jun : "You---!!"

..... *runaway before get hit by that iron ring* xDDDDD


6. Satoh Takeru

Setting: in a restaurant

Me : "This looks delicious..." *eyeing tom yum picture on the menu*
Take : *folding his hand on the table, leaning forward towards me, staring straight into my eyes with his soft gaze* "Dame da yo~ I don't want you to get sick again. Why don't we eat this instead? This is delicious too, and much safer for your stomach."
Me : "... Un..." *nod, blushing hard because of his soft gaze*
Take : *smiles, patting my head lightly, as if saying 'good girl, I love you'*

This is not fair! Take-chan wins easily! >.<

Geez!! So random! I must be suffering an accoute delusions! >.<

Darekaaaaaaa!!! Please stop my randomnessss!!!!! Щ(ºДºщ)
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"If you ever have a chance to go for a date with Arashi members, where will they take you, and what will you do with them?"

Well, if it's me, then maybe:

1. Sakurai Sho:
- Having dinner together! I don't know why, but I always have a feeling that if it's Sho, he will take me to a place where we can have a fun chat while enjoying delicious foods together xD
- Then after that, maybe we'll have a stroll around, holding hands while chatting x3

Ah, I always want to go for a date with him. Because I know, Sho will lead me in everything! And that'll be really fun to be led by a gentleman like him~ x3 <3
Seme Sho is always adorable~ ///////// <3

2. Ninomiya Kazunari:
- Er... Since he has mentioned it before in interviews... I think we'll just spend the day in his house. Or my house xD
- What will we do? Hmm... Playing video games? Doesn't he love it very much? And the good news is: I love video games too! XD I'll be glad to receive his invitation to play many kind of games together! Mario, fighting games, race games, DDR, RPG games... Uwahh! Sounds interesting! XD

3. Aiba Masaki:
- Amusement park! \(´▽`)/ Zoo! \(´▽`)/ Aquarium! \(´▽`)/ Beach! \(´▽`)/ Mountain! \(´▽`)/ Manga cafe! \(´▽`)/ Karaoke! \(´▽`)/
- Outbond! \(´▽`)/ Rafting! \(´▽`)/ Camping! \(´▽`)/ Travelling somewhere, just the two of us! \(´▽`)/

Aaahh! I have too much similarity in interests with Masaki-niinii xD
I always think that we'll make a nice couple xD I mean, if he ever be my boyfriend, we'll always have very great times together (since we're the same 'outdoor-type') xD
(But still, my ideal type of husband is Sho, not Masaki-niinii xp)

4. Ohno Satoshi:
- Ramen shop...? XD
- Well, actually I don't really mind if he wants me to go with him fishing. I can just bring my PSP and mangas with me. So, while he's fishing, I can play games or read mangas :3

..... Wait, that's not a date, then! XD

- aah, I have no idea about where he will take me for a date xD maybe we'll just stay at home watching TV x'DDDD

5. Matsumoto Jun:
- high-class restaurants or cafe, cinemas, shopping centres, art shows, concerts, planetarium...
- I don't know, I always have a high-class image about him xD viva oshareeee~ xD but then I think Jun is also a romantic person, so, combining those two... Well, yeah, a fancy date... A candle light dinner after watch movie or after we get back from planetarium...? >.<

And if it's with Jun, I will be very confuse to choose what clothes I should wear (because he's very fashionable and all, and as a girl I will be expected not to lose from him, right?) XD
Uaahh, taihen da na, are?? +_+ since I'm not fashionable at all +_+

Ah, well~ xD
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FINALLY!!!!!! My dream comes true!!!!!! >/////<

Take-chan will appear in VS Arashi Dec 12, 2013 with KanoUso team

Aaaah~ can't wait! >.<

Hope Arashi will make fun of Take-chan a lot! /bricked xD

No, no, no, don't get me wrong. I just love to see his spontan reaction everytime somebody surprised him xDD

Take-chan and Arashi ini one show~ <3 <3 <3
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I am having lunch now. Here, there are 6 tables. 4 of it have different straw colours: Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. That makes me automatically think: Ah, that is Satoshi Table. Then Sho Table, Nino Table, and Masaki Table xD sadly there's no purple straw here, so no Jun Table :(

This gives me a random idea :3 *sasuga random person*

What if I make an Arashi theme cafe?

First I think it should be a 5 floors building. Each member has their own floor, and I will use their age to decide which floor for which member. But I think it would be a little troublesome for a cafe to have 5 floors.

Then I simplify it. The cafe will be parted into 5 rooms. One room for each member. The decoration of the room will be according to who owns the room.

1. Ohno Satoshi room:
- The decoration will be including art stuffs (like paintings, carvings, sculptures, statues, etc) and anything fishing-related :3
- Fish sausage is the special menu for this room xD
- Painted in blue of course

2. Sakurai Sho room:
- Library. This is the room for they who want a library cafe. Many kind of books. And magazine. And newspaper. All can be found here
- Pineaple is the special snacks that could be ordered only in this room xD
- Painted in red

3. Aiba Masaki room:
- Decorated with plants and stuffed animals :3 a miniature of a jungle xD
- Special menu only for this room: mabo tofu! XD
- Painted in green

4. Ninomiya Kazunari room:
- Game center! There will be some game consoles here. And also books related to it. A room for game addict :3
- Special menu: hamburger xD
- Painted in yellow

5. Matsumoto Jun room:
- Flashy and elegantly decorated, the same as Jun's image
- For they who want to eat pasta, here is the suitable room to choose, because Italian food is the special menu for this room :3
- Painted in purple~

Woahhhh, so random! XD
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Random thought. Suddenly this crossed my mind when I got stucked in Saturday Night traffic jam.

What if.

What if Arashi never existed? What if the boys never entered Johnny's? What if they never met?

What would they become by now?

Sakurai Sho - we all know, he graduated from Keio's Economy Faculty. If that time he listened to his parents, and didn't enter the entertainment world, maybe now he has become an employee in a big company, in marketing or finance department, with a very high salary. Maybe he has to go to work in suit everyday, goes to meetings here and there, even abroad, lives in a big apartment, drives a sport car. Maybe he even married someone, a beautiful and kind-hearted woman, and has a daughter x3 Then they move to a house with yard. A comfortable house, a warm family... Sho will take his wife and his daughter on vacations when he's on his day off x3 aaa~ my imagination goes wild! I can see clearly Sho's expression when his wife tells him that she is pregnant! >///< and then that picture of Sho and his wife walking on the beach, holding hands, Sho is piggy-backing his daughter, who is sleeping... aahhh~ >///<

Ninomiya Kazunari - well, I'm not pretty sure about him. Maybe he will become a freeter? If we remember that he is a free person~ Or maybe he will work in a game company. Or becoming a street magician? Or -- just become a looser. A game otaku. A hikikomori. And I don't see him with wife or kids in my imagination >.<

Aiba Masaki - it's clear. He will inherit Keikarou from his parents. Maybe he will finally be an expert in cooking. He will mary someone. A patient and attentive woman. They have many children! X3 aaaa~ I can see clearly in my imagination, Aiba plays with his children, messing around the house, struggling, rolling on the living room floor. His wife sits there too, watching him and their children, smiling... Aaaaaaa~ >///<

Ohno Satoshi - an artist. Maybe. Or a fisherman? Haha xD nope. Maybe an artist. He starts from a street artist. Then, he suddenly becomes famous. The media hunt him, many sponsors want him under their care. In an instant, his life turns upside-down. From a poor street artist, to a famous artist, who owns his private gallery x3 He will marry, yes, with a very patient woman, who doesn't mind being left for hours when Ohno works his art, or for days when he goes fishing. Because this kind of woman is very rare, maybe Ohno will marry when he has already above 30 xD A kid? Yea, maybe a boy. A boy with his clumsy dad~ <3 x3

Matsumoto Jun - okay. I can't imagine him as a normal people. I mean, he's too shiny to just become a normal people xD maybe he will enter the entertainment world instead. As a model. Or actor. With scandals xD yea, it's sooo him xD but then, he'll get married. I'm sure about it x3 with the girl he really in love with~ x3

Uhh... I don't know why Nino's result become that dark, eventhough he is my 2-ban Dx

Sometimes imagination can be scarry >.<

Well, forgive my imagination xp
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I've watched the PV. But just the short version. It's cool!

The boys wearing black, dancing that sexy coreography, plus some black&white scene...

Sho's gesture... <3 <3 <3 hot like usual x3 and I can't take my eyes off Nino >///<

Can't wait for the full version, with the Sakurap in. Sho's slurping face... OMG! >/////<

By the way, Arafes cup:


And for the closing, yesterday's evening sky:

The heaven's door opened??? XD
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Still at Upit's house. Can't wait to pick it up tonight! X3

Speaking about Arashi, their newest album, LOVE, will be released soon. The tracklist totally makes me curious, especially the solos. Take example Sho's solo. The title is "Sugar and Salt". Just by reading it, makes me laugh xD I also can't wait for Nino's solo. They say it is a song for his mother. Looks like that will be the greatest solo again (?)

I've heard the preview of P.A.R.A.D.O.X by the way, and the Sakurap part here is so... Spectaculaire! >////< after two singles with no Sakurap in, this one is surely a breakhtrough. His voice is so dangerous. Yabeeee~ >/////< if you want to know what does it sounds like, his voice is similar with when he did the Sakurap part in Let Me Down, but this time, the sexyness doubled >////< he inserts certain slurping sound in the middle of the Sakurap that makes me go crazy!!! >/////<

And they said that today the PV Preview of P.A.R.A.D.O.X will be out. Oh, I hope I can watch it soon! X3

By the way flumpool's new single has been released too. I'm too lazy to update at that time, so, I'll write about it here too, now /bricked/ +_+

There are 3 songs on Tsuyoku Hakanaku/Belief~Haru wo Matsu Kimi e:
1. Tsuyoku Hakanaku
2. Belief~Haru wo Matsu Kimi e (ft. Mayday)
3. Brilliant Days

My favorite song for this single is Brilliant Days. The music is the similar type of Yuzu's With You. It stimulates my imagination. I be like 'fuwaaa' everytime I listen to the reff part (sorry about my randomness) xD overall this single is great! All the three songs well-accepted by my ear x3

Ah, btw our fanbook project has already done, and sent to flumpool. It arrived at AMUSE's office three or four days ago. AMUSE Asia even wrote on their facebook account about it! I can't help but proud! X3 thanks for flumpool International Team! X3

Hope it has arrived on Ryuuta's hand by now (?) *dokidoki* >///<

Yesterday, the list for Hansamu-tachi 2013 was announced too. And guess what?? SAKURADA DORI'S NAME IS ON THE LIST!!!!! \(´▽`)/ he's back!! At last!! \(´▽`)/ will his English be better this time, after he spent a year in England?? Hm... I don't think so... /riderkicked/ xD

Take-chan, Dori, MizoTaku: Den-O family! \(´▽`)/
Take-chan, Mijutan, Oryoo: my top 3 on the same stage once again <3<3<3

Zannen papa Shuu's name is not on the list again this year :(

But there will be Koudai too on the stage x3 I hope there will be DVD this year. Or at least someone who kind enough to record and share the live viewing like in 2011, because last year there were just 4 fancam videos for SHL 2012 :'(

I plan to buy SHL 2013 official goods this time. But I don't know the transaction procedure in ASMART. I will try to ask some online shops. Hope there will be someone who can help me with it >.<

Uh... I have to get ready to go to work. So I'm going to stop here.

See you!


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