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Happy 34th birthday, Masaki-niinii!!! ^o^)/

I didn't plan to make anything for him, actually. But it just happened that I could come home a bit early today (a very rare chance I get in Decembers, haha), so then I drew this...

Yeah. Saijaku no Ou.

Because Masaki is my favorite Saijaku no Ou xD

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It was a dream. A random dream.

Last night I dreamed about I and Aiba being a shepherd. But we're not herding the sheep. We're herding dogs! Soooo many cute and fluffy-furred dogs! >////////<

Nyaaahh~ I love dogs very much, especially the one with fluffy fur! >/////<

Anyway, it was a very long dream actually, but when I woke up, I couldn't remember the detail. The one that I can remember clearly is the part when I and Aiba (who's wearing his blue overall >.<) herd the dogs in a wide grassy land.

That reminds me of Green Label CM xD

Then suddenly my random dream becomes even more random: I, Aiba, and the dogs go through a dry river. I don't really know why the setting suddenly changes.

This river has big stones on its bottom. When I and Aiba herd the dogs towards the stall, suddenly big crocodiles appear! Dx The crocodiles try to attack me, Aiba, and the dogs! Dx

I and Aiba do our best as a shepherd to save the dogs. Then when all of the dogs have been saved inside the stall, we continue running from the crocodiles Dx

Oh my~ why do my dreams are always sooooo random??? >.<

Well, I hope I dream about Sho tonight. Though it might become a random one just like usual, as long as it's with Sho... ///// *slapped* xD

Sore jya~ oyaShominasai~ (-o-)/


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