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So, I spent my Christmas holiday to have another crazy trip yesterday, and I happened to break my previous record, for going through more than 300 km of such an extreme landscape by motorcycle this time.

And that's why I feel sore all over my body now xD

We went to many places, and I'll write a report about yesterday's trip here. But not today. Maybe tomorrow, after I get all of the pictures into my laptop (because some of them are still in my cousin's camera)

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If you happen to go from Jogja to Semarang via Ambarawa - Semarang new highway, you'll find these ruins right after the first crossroad there.

(Some pictures I took a while ago. Not very clear though, because the car was moving sooo fast, and the distance from the road to those ruins is rather far)

It is a large building, could be fortress, or maybe prison, or government office, which are separated into some parts. There are most likely four small buildings (not sure, because wild plants have grown and blocked the sight) which surrounds the largest one in the middle.

I always have this special interest about old buildings like this, and I really, reallycurious about this one, too. Haven't found any informations about it yet, though.

Is it one of the fortresses the Deutch built at war era long times ago? Or does it have any connections with historical events, like Five Days in Semarang, or Ambarawa War? Does it have anything to do with Diponegoro? Or General Soedirman, maybe?

But if it is one of the historical sites, then why it keeps abandoned like that? I mean, if it is a historical site, then normally, the government would take care of it, and transform it into a museum or something, right?

Man I really, really curious! Seriously,, >.<
Would be really happy if someone could give me some informations about this...

Ah well, forgive my random post m(__)m

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Yeaaaaay! \(^w^)/

Me and Desi, just the two of us. We've passed around 200 kilometers in 11 hours by motorcycle!! (~'.')~



We're just... bored. That's why we tried to kill some times...
*slapped* xDDD

I won't give long description in this time's report. Just let the pictures talk~
/oy/ xD

Sooooo~ here's yesterday's beach adventure~


1. Kukup )

2. Sepanjang )

3. Drini )

4. Krakal )

5. Sundak )

6. Pulang Sawal / Indrayanti )

7. Pok Tunggal )

On the way back home... )

The dehlisyaaas omiageeee~ )


End of the adventure... )

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The national holiday of Idul Fitri / Lebaran (Moslem's biggest holly day) has been started a week ago. But in my company, for them who's non-Moslem, they get day off just for two days, that is today and tomorrow.

So, today is my first day off. And as the title says... I spent my first day off to go to the beach. 7 beach more precisely xD

Kukup, Spanjang, Drini, Krakal, Sundak, Pulang Sawal/Indrayanti, and Pok Tunggal.

It was super fun! That's why then I decided to write about it here.
But not now, of course. Because I'm really, really, really tired right now. I'm driving around 200 kilometers far today... xDDD (I went to the beach by motorcycle btw)

I'll write the detail of the adventure later HERE :3
For now, I'm just going to sleep~

Oyasuminasaaaai~ ٩(´0ˆ)۶
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Some of the picture taken in my flight from Jogja to Bali last week:

Blue under the cut :3 )
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June, 20th 2014 - First Day

The adventure begin...

Departure from Jogja )

Arrival at Bali )

Bedugul )

Pure Ulun Danu )

Joger )

Tanah Lot )

Agung Bali Souvenir Center )

Dinner :9 )

Hotel )

(to Day 2)
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Just got back from Bali this morning :3

Here is the adventure detail:
(Picture will be uploaded soon, since I've just gotten back, and all the pictures are still in my camera)

Day 1

Day 2 & 3


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I'm going to write about my first journey abroad this time :3
It was a very great experience, that I think I have to write it down in my journal x3

So here we go...

Preparation )

November 30th, 2013 - The First Day )

The City Tour... )

whoops, I have to go now. I'll finish this later. See you :D
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3 days from today. Hayai naa...

I will depart on Saturday. 05.25 meet the group in Adisucipto airport. First flight using QZ at 07.25... It's a direct flight to Singapore, so I won't stop by at Jakarta...

The itinerary is out.

First day: Singapore city tour. Including Merlion Park. So I definitely will impersonate Aiba's pose: drinking from Merlion! XD hope I can be at one of NazoDi's shooting place too. And flumpool's concert place. And Beer Market too, where flumpool held their secret live performance x3

Second day: Malaysia's Legoland, at Johor Baru. It's an amusement park. Written on the itinerary, one of the game there named "The Beginning". Somehow it reminds me of One Ok Rock and Rurouni Kenshin xD ah, roller coaster. Definitely ride! \(´▽`)/ no haunted mansion! >.<

Third Day: Singapore. Back to Jogja at 11.25 am, by QZ again.

Ah well. I've prepared for some needs that will be taken there.

Un-done list:
1. Camera! + memory card
2. Sport shoes
3. Small backpack
4. Money (SGD and RM)
5. 3-pin plug
6. Powerbank (need/no?)
7. Shampoo

I guess I'll continue the packing activity tomorrow. Let's just sleep for now.

Oyasuminasatoshi~ ٩(´0ˆ)۶


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