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Idea for a PV suddenly popped up in my head. I have to write it down before I forget.

I don't know whether this song has already had PV or not, because I'm not a fan of Tegomass. If it has, then let's call what I write here "My Version" PV.

The opening scene will be a girl spacing out to the dark sky alone. Sad. Then the intro enters.

The scene changes. Two hourglass. White and black. The white hourglass has much more sand in it than the black one.

Then it's continued with a flashback scene. Scenes of a boy and a girl. When they first meet. When they have fun together. The first time they hold hands. The first time they kiss.

The sand inside both hourglass keeps moving down.

The second verse's scenes keep moving forward. They imagine about going together for a trip overseas. To Sahara for example. They laugh together at their imagination.

The boy gives a ring to the girl.

The sand inside both hourglass still moving down. The upper part of the black hourglass is almost empty now.

On the bridge part, the scene changes. A hospital. The boy lays on the bed. The girl is beside him, holding his hand. The doctor comes. He tells them that the boy's disease can't be cured. The girl cries. The boy wipes her tears, smiling, saying soothing words to calm her down.

The last sand inside the black hourglass drops, leaving the upper part of it empty.

The last chorus part is back to the scene where the girl is sitting alone, spacing out to the dark sky, crying.

Then suddenly she remembers the last words the boy told her. She looks at the ring the boy has given her.

"Ashita boku ga shinde shimattemo, nakanaide sora miagete. Waratteru darou, sore ga boku da yo. Sou da yo, koko ni iru kimi no soba ni..."

("If I die tomorrow, please don't cry. Look up to the sky. It's smiling isn't it? It's me. Yes, I'm right here by your side...")

At the ending, she looks up again to the sky. The shadow of the boy appears beside her. A shooting star crosses the dark sky. She smiles. The boy smiles.

Not far behind them, the two small hourglass are standing. The sand inside the white one flows down slowly. Beside it, the empty black hourglass stays. Keep watching the white one in silence...


Yea that's it. I don't know why I suddenly become soo melancholic like this >.<

Okay, I have to sleep now. I MUST sleep!! >.


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