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Because there's this Taketere Project for Take-chan's birthday, and I decided to participate, I drew this last night :3

Instead of Kenshin or any other famous characters he had played, I chose to draw this.

Takeru in his first drama, Princess•Princess D :3

Because I think if I draw Kenshin or chef!Take, there will be many others who draw that, and because I'm an anti-mainstream *bricked* , so... xD

Like last year, the crew will print all of the entries, and Take will show it in tonight's Taketere birthday special (airing at Stolabo at 20.00 JST), which means that there's a chance my drawing will be seen by Take... >//////<

Waaaa! Hasukashiiiii /////////
*bricked again* xD

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I know, this is not the first time I see him in suit, but...


I don't know, seeing him in suit this time really makes me dazzled O///O
I used to think that no man in this world could look as dazzling as Sakurai Sho when they're in suit, but now I know that I was wrong.
Take could also looks very adorable in suit >///<


The new CM will start to be aired at September 9th.


A late birthday present for me...?
*get slapped for becoming delusional*

>> source <<
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2014.07.24 : Perfume in Versus Arashi
2014.07.26 : Take-chan in Arashi ni Shiyagare
2014.07.31 : Take-chan, AGAIN, with Rurouni Kenshin team (which means Kamiki may be there too) in Versus Arashi...

Yaaaay! \(´▽`)/
Yaaaaaaaaay!! \(´▽`)/

Perfect shows to end this month x3

And of course, Arashi is permited to invite Take and Mikki again, later, with their Bakuman team... *you wish*

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Have just seen it yesterday: Takeru's new haircut!!!!!


Short, neat, and black...


Maji sawayaka~ //////////

Maybe he cuts his hair because of his upcoming movie (Bakuman) :3

He announced some news in Takeru TV vol. 29 in May 31st.
1. TakeTere will be made into DVD
2. KanoUso DVD will be released soon
3. He will release new photobook


Also, I watched Bitter Blood yesterday, and my tension totally raised in episode 6.
How not? Look at these fanservices!!

Chibi Takeru!!! )

I never expected they will use Take-chan's real chibi pictures in dorama x3
Chooooo kawaiiiiiiii!!!!! >.
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Happy 25th birthday, my sweetheart, Take-chan! x3
Hope you'll be more and more success, but keep down-to-earth just like you've always been :3
I hope no matter how success and popular you've become, you won't change. Keep being the Takeru that I love x3
I'll keep watching and supporting you from here :3 <3

Btw, today is Takeru TV #27 live streaming. Mijut and Yuta are there to host the show, but yeah, since I am still in the office, and the internet connection is suck here, so I can't watch live -_-
Let's just wait for the download link tomorrow :3

Actually I want to make something for his birthday, just like what I always did in the past, but I just don't have time nowdays, because of the crowded works T.T
I even didn't participate in the official project hold by Stolabo T.T

Hope my schedule will be back to normal soon, so I can start drawing/writing/crafting again. I'm kinda missing to do those things, you know >.<

Once again, Hapiba Take-chan! I LOVE YOU! \(´▽`)/
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FINALLY!!!!!! My dream comes true!!!!!! >/////<

Take-chan will appear in VS Arashi Dec 12, 2013 with KanoUso team

Aaaah~ can't wait! >.<

Hope Arashi will make fun of Take-chan a lot! /bricked xD

No, no, no, don't get me wrong. I just love to see his spontan reaction everytime somebody surprised him xDD

Take-chan and Arashi ini one show~ <3 <3 <3
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I had a very weird dream.

I don't remember the detail just like usual. But the dream was about Take-chan :3

In my dream, we ate together. But he was so picky, that he didn't eat all the vegetable in his dishes. I scolded him much about it. I forced him to eat up all the vegetable he left on the plate xDDDD

Maan, I miss him so much. Can't wait for his movies to be released >.<

*photo was taken from Koudai's blog. Looks like Take went to watch FROGS 2013 or Tenimyu 2nd Shitenhouji,, >.< as usual, he's close to his kouhai <3 *
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Or in English means: True Horror Story -  The Road of Face

well, actually I'm not so interested in horror stories like this, but since I've found the download link, and Take-chan took part in this film, so I guess I'm gonna watch this horror movie...
Hope it will be less horror than Ju-On, which successfully made me couldn't sleep for several nights >.<


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