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It's raining hard outside now... )
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I don't exactly know how or why. But sometimes, words just suddenly popped up inside my head. Like, when I was in a certain situation, my brain automatically arranged description paragraphs or dialogues about that situation, they way I feel, or the people around me at that time.

Just like today, when I accompanied my friend to look for a place to stay (because she's just moved into this city).

Then I though, why don't I write those words down somewhere? I can use it to polish my writing skill. So then, I decided to write here, everytime I experience one of those "words burst" inside my head.

I will use English / Bahasa Indonesia, depends on the situation / my mood. And you don't need to read them, because it would be just random scenes, and it will sometimes be a bit exaggerated from reality xD

And so, here I start! :3

Rp 500.000,- ?!?! (in Bahasa Indonesia this time :3) )

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This is exactly what's going to happen if you leave me with not so many works to do, an empty box of Pocky, and a pen.

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The Element Soldiers is a novel I wrote back then, when I was still in high school. It is about eight boys who have the power to control the elements of the nature.

Just now, when I was taking a bath, I suddenly remembered about that, and this thought suddenly crossed my mind:

What if Arashi were the member of The Element Soldiers? )

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So, it's random time again now! (Since the computer exhibition for this month is over. Yay! xD)

Nah. I suddenly remember about this. The shortest horror story I've ever read. I forget the name of the author, though (Or it was written by an anonymous? Well, no idea...). What I remember clearly is, it only consist of 2 sentences, yet it had succesfully made a goosebumps for me.

The story is more or less like this:

The last man on the Earth sat alone inside a hut. Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door.


Scary, isn't it???? Dx
Who knocked on his door??????? Dx

Well, okay. Maybe I'm a little bit exaggerating. For some people, this story maybe not scary at all. But for me, it is.
To think that I am that man, the last man who lives in this planet... All alone, without friend...
If there's anything terroring me, there won't be anybody around to be asked for help. I have to run alone. Surviving alone. Forever...

Yada yoooo +_+


Jan. 9th, 2015 10:25 pm
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I just downloaded the LJ app for Android, so, yeah, just like the title said, this post is just to test out my new app... xD

Btw it's been a long time since the last time I posted here... Works getting super hectic, so...

Anyways... finally I'll have some holidays this month. I'm going to go to Surabaya!! :3
Last time I went there was when I was around eleven years old or so, so, really excited about this! :3

Hope this holiday plan will go smoothly~ :3

check~ )

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Just got back to Jogjaaa~
Finally Semarkomtek is over. And tomorrow is the preparation day for Yogyakomtek 2014. Wheew~ no time for rest for this month, really +_+
Marathon of exhibition +_+

But well, okay, let's just think about the bonus I'll get after all of this over! *w*
3 x exhibition bonus!! Yeaaa!! ($w$)
*and Fen-chan called me Nino because I said this ^ to her earlier...*

Btw, actually I had a free time when I was in Semarang yesterday. I was thinking about going to Kota Lama to take some pictures of the old building there, and then upload it here. But I was too exhausted to do so, so I cancelled it.
Then, I remembered that I ever went there once, some times ago. I think I still keep the pictures from my visit back then. So maybe later, when I have a free time, I think I'll write about Kota Lama... Well, if my mood doesn't suddenly change, of course *bricked* xD

And now... I think I should sleep.
1 more day to Jun's birthday~
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2014.07.24 : Perfume in Versus Arashi
2014.07.26 : Take-chan in Arashi ni Shiyagare
2014.07.31 : Take-chan, AGAIN, with Rurouni Kenshin team (which means Kamiki may be there too) in Versus Arashi...

Yaaaay! \(´▽`)/
Yaaaaaaaaay!! \(´▽`)/

Perfect shows to end this month x3

And of course, Arashi is permited to invite Take and Mikki again, later, with their Bakuman team... *you wish*

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Today is the 4th day the rain falls non-stop here in Yogyakarta. It should be still in the middle of dry season now, but since Saturday, the rain keeps falling, and the sky is covered by the dark clouds all day long.

The gloomy situation somehow reflected in my dreams. These last 4 days, I had weird dreams. Strange, gloomy, angsty... The dreams were always around neverland (or the magical land somewhere far away), death, wizard-related stuffs, kidnapping, and the like...

I had a weird dream again last night. )

Haaaa... What a long and weird, weird dream... xDD

Demo, tanoshikatta~ xD
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These two are always connected in my case.
Whenever I catch fever, if I sleep, I always have nightmare >.<

I don't exactly know why.
I dream about ghosts, death, deserted area, dark places...
Scary >.<

Do you guys ever experienced that too?

I really want to know why it always happen to me.
Is it because of the heat, that my brain affected, resulting the darkest side of my imagination reflected into dreams?

Uh... +_+
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Yeaa~ It has been a while since the last time I had a dream involving Ryuuta :3
I don't remember the detail though.

I was back in high school. It was English lesson time. I was in the classroom. Then I really needed to go to toilet. But when I was about to ask for permission from the teacher... how surprised I was! Because, sitting there on the teacher's desk... None other than flumpool them self! All four of them! xD

It was Ryuuta teaching the English lesson, and the three other just sat there watching xDDD

So random! xDDD

Ah, senseeeeeeeeiiiiiiii~ \(^o^)/

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I always want to have a room on the 2nd or 3rd floor like this, with large glasses surrounded it.
A room where I can look for the scenery outside.

When I'm tired or stressed, looking for the road and the trees outside is soooo refreshing.
Then, if I'm really depressed and bored, I can look up to the sky to clear and refresh my mind.

That would be great, since I'm a sky-watcher :3

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Inspired by HnA VIP Room's opening. That "What is your impression about Arashi?" part. Then, this question popped up in my head:

"If Arashi really exist in your life, then, they'll be your...?"

1. Ohno Satoshi: Daaaaad!!

Clumsy dad xD
When I do something wrong, mom will scold me hard, but Ohno will just watch in silence. That might causes him to be scolded too by mom, because as my dad, he should be the one who points out my mistake and scolds me instead of her xD
Then after mom finished her scolding and took the leave, he will call me to come to him, and explain to me what I've done wrong (calmly of course, no scolding)


2. Ninomiya Kazunari: Big bro!!!!

I always want to have a big brother! >.< Especially the one like Nino >.<
I think it will be fun to have a talkative big bro like him, who's very sharp, and will protest about anything xD
I mean, I can have an argument with him. I want a big bro whom I can have a fight with. Because it'll be boring if your oniichan is too nice, right?
Plain. No variation. Life will be just too easy, that you'll get boring quickly xp

Then, I need a big bro who's mischievous enough to join forces with me to do mischievous things >D

But I think if Nino ever be my big bro, then mom will have headache everyday. Because none of us will care to yield if we have a fight (which I believe will be happened everyday xp). And we'll spend soooo much time in front of our TV to compete in games xp

Ah, yeah. When there's a family vacation to the beach, I want to push him into the sea, so he gets wet. I know he hates sea, and totally not the type who will jump into the water, so... I do it to piss him off of course, so we can have a sibling fight (again) >D /slapped xD

3. Aiba Masaki: Best friend ever!!!

I'm not fiend-zoned him. It's just that we're quite the same type, that I think we'll get along very well, like a childhood friend :3
It'll be fun to hang around with him, doing silly things together xD we can also have adventures together :3 going to a camping, mountain climbing, and stuff like that x3
We can also join forces to "tackle" my oniichan (Nino) down xp /woy! xDD

Together, we are muteki! Ieeeii! \(´▽`)/ /slapped

Ah yeah, almost forget to mention: I would be very happy to help him with his experiments, especially the one involving food... xDDDD

4. Matsumoto Jun: Best partner at work!!

That'll be great having a work-partner like him. I mean, he's perfectionist and super-detail. So I think he'll be able to give great oppinions about our works :D
It's fun to have someone whom you can discuss with at work :3

I believe our works can be done way faster if we join forces :3 and since I'm the type who likes to adjust the deadline myself, so I'll be very, very, VERY happy to have him as my work-partner. No time wasted :3

5. Sakurai Sho: .....

Do I still need to mention and explain?

I think not.

Yeah, of course I'll choose him to be my...
Boyfriend. Then ex-boyfriend, because he changes his title into my 'husband' xp
Mom's son-in-law. My children's dad...

My life-time partner... ///////

Okay. Enough for today's randomness!!
Just go to sleep already! *scoldingself* xp
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Yap. Recently I start to become a gamer again. Not as maniac as me back then though, :D
I used to be a heavy gamer when I was still a teenager. My record was, I finished Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret (PS1) in 3 days, with perfect 100% score, followed by Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 5 (PS2) all missions 99% complete in a week xp

I had been wanting to play Harvest Moon Back to Nature again so bad, but my PS1 had broken :'(
Luckyly, I found the PC version of it, with the exact same format as the PS1 version! \(´▽`)/
So, yeah, I play it :3

I start all over again from the beginning.
It's fun to play a game with this kind of genre. Basically, I love RPG-kind games, and games that need strategy. That's why Harvest Moon is always in my "never boring game" list :D
It looks simple to play this game, but actually we must have our own strategy to complete this game :D

I don't know why, but I feel like writing about my farm here today xD
So, here it is:
(Pictures will be added soon, because now I'm online in mobile version, I can't upload any pictures)

- I'm in the end of my 1st year summer now. My character's name is Sho... XD

- My dog's name is... Nino *because he's yellow, and kawaii, and clever, and all* xp

- My horse's name is Masaki! xD no need for explanation I think...? Or yes...? Well, it's just because my horse is hyperactive, just like Masaki xDv

- My first hen's name is Jun xD and because I'm allowed to have 10 hens, I've prepared names for them, like J, Atsujun, ChocoJun, YasaJun, etc xDDD

I've already had 5 hens when I write this. I need to upgrade my hen's house first before I could have 5 more. I need 5000G and 445 woods!!! Darekaaaa!! Give me those! Dx /bricked xD

Btw, Jun won in Chicken Festival of the 1st year, so (s)he produces golden eggs now. Sasuga J! XD

- My first cow named Satoshi, because he's cute and looks sleepy all the time /woy xD I'm allowed to have 10 cows in this game, and I plan to give Satoshi's drama characters name for the other 9, like Enomoto, Naruse, etc xD

- My first sheep named Kageyama... XD

I was re-watching NazoDi with my friend when I bought my first sheep, then I remembered this prank: shitsuji (butler) = shitsuji (sheep), so, yeah... I named it Kageyama... xDDDDDD

For the next 9 sheep, I'll name them with the name of famous butler I know, like Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji), Rihito (Mei-chan no Shitsuji), Mameshiba (Mei-chan no Shitsuji), etc xD

Ah well... This is a total randomness (again) xD

By the way, Nico suggested me a horror-adventure game called The Witch House. He said it's a great game. I'm thinking of playing it too. Maybe next Saturday I'll begin to play it.

I'll write some reviews about it here once I finish.
Well, maybe. If I'm in the mood... :p
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Imajinesyooooon agaaaaaain~

Well, I have been suffering from a stomachache because of high gastric acid these last several days... +_+ I'm not allowed to eat spicy and sour food, as well as instant food, and also not-so-hygienic food.

Coffee is forbidden. And Banana. And carbonated-drinks. And emping. And sticky rice too.

Meanwhile, I love spicy food very much. And banana too...

*sigh* :(

And you know, if we are forbidden in doing something, the more we want to do that thing. Have you ever feel it too?

The more I am forbidden from eating those kind of food, the more I want to eat it!! >.<

Then, as expected from my randomness... This thoughts pop-up in my head...

[To be continued, because I have to go now. I'll finish this later]

00:33 - ore futatabi sanjou! >:D /slapped xD

So, back to the main topic...

"What if I fall sick, and one of Arashi member is my boyfriend?"

Here it goes... :)

1. Ohno Satoshi

Setting: at his house

Me : "Satoshi-kun, Satoshi-kun, may I eat this?" *waving a bag of spicy chips*
Ohno : *keeps busy with his sketch book*
Me : "Satoshi-kuuuuun~"
Ohno : "Hmm?" *finally looks up* "Nani?"
Me : ....... "No. Nothing. Nevermind...." *put the spicy chips bag back to its place and leave*

I feel tired just to think about it... xDD

2. Sakurai Sho

Setting: in a restaurant

Me : *drool over the picture of curry ramen level 5 on the menu*
Sho : "So, what do you want to eat?"
Me : "Nn..." *shifting my gaze from the menu, to Sho, to the menu, and to Sho again*
Sho : *frowns, then takes a glance to the menu I'm staring at. His eyes widens when he realizes what I want*
Me : "May I eat th--" *staring hesitantly at Sho*
Sho : *throws a death glare towards me*
Me : "Nn... Gyudon..."

Yappari... Sho wa muteki... XDDDD

3. Aiba Masaki

Setting: in a cafe

Me : "Masaki-kun! Let's eat this!" *pointing at banana split on the menu*
Aiba : "Ehh... But didn't the doctor tell you that you shouldn't eat banana for a mean time?"
Me : "Ee... Dame ka?" *trying to sound as disappointed as possible*
Aiba : "How about parfait? Nee, look at this! This one looks delicious! Look at the chocolate!" *trying to lift-up the mood again*
Me : "But I don't want to eat parfait. I want banana split." *pouting hard*
Aiba : "........." *hesitating* "Jaa... Just a little, okay? You're only allowed to eat a little bite of the banana, then I'll eat the rest, okay?"

Yay! I WIN!! \(´▽`)/ *slapped* xDv

4. Ninomiya Kazunari

Setting: at his house

Nino : *is eating cup ramen*
Me : "That's smells good. Let me take a bite." *come closer*
Nino : "Daaaaaaaame~" *turning his back towards me*
Me : *shifting to the front of him* "Just a veeeeeery little bite, please~?"
Nino : *glaring*
Me : "Kazuuu~" *puppy eyes*
Nino : *sighs, shoving his cup ramen towards me* "Go on, eat it. Eat it up, and get sick again. But don't complain at me when that happen. And I won't accompany you to see the doctor if you fall sick again. Go on."
Me : *pouting*
Nino : *smirks victoriously*

..... Okay. *waving a white flag*

5. Matsumoto Jun

Setting: in a konbini

Me : *take a bottle of cola from refrigerator*
Jun : *glares*
Me : "What?" *acting innocent*
Jun : "Your stomach!" *hisses*
Me : "It's just a cola~"
Jun : "Don't drink it! You'll sick again! How many times have I told you? No carbonated-drinks! Remember what the doctor said? Your stomach is fragile *bla bla bla*"
Me : *put the cola back to the fridge*
Jun : *sighs* *pouting at me* "Please, take a good care of yourself. I don't want you to fall sick again."
Me : "I know, I know. I don't want to be sick again too. I don't want to drink that cola, Jun-chan. I take it out just because I want to see your reaction." *let out a mischievous grin*
Jun : "You---!!"

..... *runaway before get hit by that iron ring* xDDDDD


6. Satoh Takeru

Setting: in a restaurant

Me : "This looks delicious..." *eyeing tom yum picture on the menu*
Take : *folding his hand on the table, leaning forward towards me, staring straight into my eyes with his soft gaze* "Dame da yo~ I don't want you to get sick again. Why don't we eat this instead? This is delicious too, and much safer for your stomach."
Me : "... Un..." *nod, blushing hard because of his soft gaze*
Take : *smiles, patting my head lightly, as if saying 'good girl, I love you'*

This is not fair! Take-chan wins easily! >.<

Geez!! So random! I must be suffering an accoute delusions! >.<

Darekaaaaaaa!!! Please stop my randomnessss!!!!! Щ(ºДºщ)
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By a friend request, I'll write it down all here xp

Okay. Though my ichiban si Sho, I dream about Jun a lot. More than any other members ._.

Yeah. I know he's my 5-ban. I don't understand either, why it could happen. But it happened ._.

Almost all of my dream that involve him are horror, thriller, or adventure. And the worst part is, I remember clearly almost all part of my dream when I with him -_-

So, here they are...

1. Mysterious Elevator and Serial Killer

In my dream, I'm going to attend one of Arashi's variety show filming on the top floor of a hotel. Then, when I'm going up, suddenly the elevator switchs direction. It's not moving up, but backwards +_+

Then, when I get out of the elevator... There's blood everywhere... A great massacre has just taken place...

Then, comes the serial killer... With his bloody knife... Running towards me... He wants to kill me...!!! Dx

I run as fast as I can, while the killer still chasing behind me. I look for the elevator which can take me back to the real world. Fortunately, I find it at last! T.T
I manage to get back to the hotel loby, then go up to the top floor.

And you know what? When I think I'll finally be able to meet Sho after all the mess I get through... There's just Jun alone there... ._.
It turns out that it's Jun's solo variety show, and not Arashi's... -_-

After all that mess... After all that horror...!! -_-
I risk my life just to watch Jun -_-

Well, yeah... At least that time guest star is flumpool's Genki Amakawa...

Then I wake up... ._.

2. The Disaster

In this dream, I and Jun go for a picnic to a forest by car. I'm his girlfriend this time (why????? Dx )

That is a weird forest, because it's surrounded by river, and there are so many small lakes inside the forest. There are bridges made of rocks that connect one road to another above those lakes.

When I and Jun are having chat, suddenly a great earthquake happens!
The bridges collapse into the river and lakes.
The other cars fall down into the river and lakes... +_+

It's lucky that my car isn't on one of the bridge when the earthquake happened >.<

Jun stops our car, then we get out to help the people around us, who get injured by that disaster.

Because the bridges collapse, we're all trapped inside the forest. We can't get out, because there's a large river separates us from the other side of the land...

When we're busy thinking about how to go back home, I wake up --- yokatta it's just a dream! >.<

3. Zombie and Crazy Murderer

Since the begining of this dream, me and Jun are running away from a crazy murderer +_+

We end up in a big castle. We ge inside that castle to hide from the murderer who's chasing us. But it's no use. The murderer finds us easily. The people around us starting to be murdered one by one. It starting to be like a survival game +_+

Forunately, Jun is very clever and has good instinc. We always manage to avoid the murderer.

We run, and run, and run. Untill then we reach the dungeon...
As if being chased by a crazy murderer hasn't enough, here in the dungeon, there are zombies... Zombie everywhere!!! Dx

They chase us, trying to eat us!!! Dx

Jun holds my hand tight, dragging me to find an exit. And then we made it! We got out from the dungeon! >.<
But the crazy murderer has already stood there, waiting for us...

It turns out that she is one of Jun's big fans. She is jealous because Jun is with me. That's why she chases us. She wants to kill me Dx because then I realize, that I am Jun's girlfriend (again????????) -_-

Jun protects me from the murderer's attack.

Then I wake up ._.

The other dream about the IT exhibition, I had written it on my past entry, which tells about MatsuJun Fever.

Well, yeah, that's my super-duper weird and random dreams involving Jun ._.

I don't know why my dreams are always that random -_-
So random, that if I want to, I can make a fanfiction, or even novel based on those ._.

I'll write again if I get another random dreams, and I still remember about it when I wake up (because usually I immediately foget about my dreams as soon as I wake up xDD)

Okay then, jyaaa~ (^o^)/


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