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So before this day end, I'll post this little thing I made for him earlier.

I accidentally found this on twitter:

Then I thought, "Why don't I grant his wish? It's his birthday anyway."

So then, I did it. I granted his wish...

Yeah xD

Happy Birthday, Ohno Satoshi! XD

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This is La Tormenta stilloooo~ )

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Happy Birthday Catochi!!!! \(´▽`)/

Gomen ne, I can't make something special for your birthday >.<

So many deadline to be done +_+

Actually I want to make a silhouette painting of Catochi. But there's no time left to start painting T.T

With the plan to go to Malaysia and Singapore and so much work at the office... My project with Fen-chan, my tokusatsu project... +_+

But it's impossible not to make anything at all. It is Catochi that we talk about. I have to make something. No matter how simple it is. For his birthday.

So, finally I manage to finish this...

I put silhouette picture instead of a silhouette painting...

Oh, well... >.<

Wish u all the best, ne, Catochi~ <3 x3
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I had a dream about Catochi last night! X3

Just a random dream. Nothing special. But still, I'm very happy! X3

I'm so happy that when I woke up, I could still remember it clearly x3

Catochi was at my home in Ngawi, wearing his pink 2013 24hr Terebi t-shirt.

We were in a same project. We had to report something from Ngawi, but I can't remember what we had to report.

What I remember clearly is, I and Desi were arguing about who should go to accompany Catochi on the first broadcast. But before we could decide, the broadcast had already over! XD Catochi walked passing us, smiling warm towards me~ aahhh~ my kokoroooohhh~ >/////<

Okay. I'm officially drunk because of him >///<

Gomen ne, Sho. Don't worry, eventhough I get so drunk of Catochi, it doesn't change the fact that you are my beloved ichiban <3 :3

Ah well~ x3

Notes: Catochi ---> Ohno Satoshi xD


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