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Nah, yeah, as planned, we went to watch that movie this morning.

And it was somehow... below my expectation... :(

Well, the action scenes are pretty good, actually. Especially the Iron Man VS Hulk part. But the plot... :(

Everything happens toooo fast, at the point it becomes confusing, especially for them, who haven't watched the other Marvel's movies. And the ending is too simple for a Marvel film.

From 1 to 10, if I were to give score, then 7.

I prefer the first Movie, with Loki and his alien comrades as the enemy than this one.

However, above it all, I am happy to be able to see Black Widow again. She's sooo cool! xD

My favorite Avengers is still Tony Starks a.k.a Iron Man, though. But in this movie, I somehow adore our wonderful captain, Steve a.k.a Captain America :3

And-- Oh, yes, yes. This is not related to the review, but I just want to write it down here, so:
There's a love scene between Agent Romanoff and Dr. Banner in this movie!!!
And as you know, when Arashi cosplayed as Avengers back then in Shiyagare Christmas Special, it was Nino who played Agent Romanoff, and Oh-chan played the Hulk so... Ohmiya...!!! xD *slapped for being random* xDDDDD

Nah, this is just an amateur review of mine. So, if you are planning to go and watch the movie, but then happen to read this, I say just go. Watch it and decide yourself, because maybe you would have different oppinion than me :D


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