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Yeah, I watched it today. And it was great! :3

If I'm to choose which Peter Parker I like better, then I'll choose Andrew Garfield's version :3

No offense, but I think Tobey's version is a little bit too serious.
Andrew's version is more easy going.

Peter Parker in Amazing Spiderman is not a nearly-perfect-person like in the previous Spiderman movies. On the contrary, he's just a kid. A brat. A lazy grumpy little brat xD but I like it! I like this side of his personality xD

I'm the type who always fall in love with heroes, who's not-so-hero in their daily life (Take a look at Tony Starks. And Kosuke Nitou. And Kaitou KID xD). And even when they're in their hero mode, I like it when they show their "ordinary human" side, which could be happening sometimes.

I also love it when they suddenly doing some random things in their hero mode xD (like in this movie, when Spidey suddenly joins the fireman to "tame" Electro, or when he calmly knocks on the hijaker's truck's window, then introducing himself politely, as if he's a salesman xD That's so damn funny! xD)

To make it simple, I hate perfect heroes. Because for me, they're boring xD
That's why for me, Andrew's version is far above Tobey's version.

I think it's just a matter of taste :3

Overall Amazing Spiderman is a great movie. The plot is cool (looks like it follows the comic version more, comparing to the previous movies), the action scenes are great, the animation and effects are superb, it has action and drama with a nice balance, and the most important thing: bittersweet ending.
Or maybe I should say sad ending? Because Gwen is dead and all...

But well, no. It's bittersweet for me, because in the end Peter could get back on his track again, eventhough Gwen has already gone...

Well, I think enough for this amateur review xD
Kachaaaaoo~ !!


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