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I just can't not to make screencaps of this expression of him. It's just way too epic! xD And I found it really cute too, so... xD

Besides, it's so rare for him to show this kind of expression to us, right? xD

Look at this one too. His expression when he was enduring the taste and the smell of the phakchi... xDDDDD

Oh, HirotoJun, why are you so cute???? x3 <3

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You know exactly that you've fallen hard for someone when:

In a meeting, instead of taking notes of the new plan your boss is explaining, you choose to fill your notebook with a silhouette scribble of that certain someone.

I wish I brought my marker to the meeting today, so I could draw the silhouette properly. But whatever. Haha.

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Happy 32nd birthday, Arashi's Matsumoto Jun-kun ! x3

Well, actually I'm not going to make anything for his birthday this year (because I have not enough free time recently, and especially because I'm not in the mood for it :p). But then I remember that I've made something a while ago, in which Jun is the main character. So I then decided to post it today, on his birthday.

But then I remember again, that I've left it on my office desk... And because today is Sunday here in my country, I'm in a day off. So...

Gonna post it tomorrow instead. Ahahaha.

Here it is:

"MJ in Wonderland"


Matsumoto Jun as Alice
Sakurai Sho as White Rabbit
Aiba Masaki as Mad Hatter
Ohno Satoshi as Dormouse
and Ninomiya Kazunari as Chesire Cat

And, yeah. I made Jun did the crossdressing...

Sorry, Jun! xp
(Is said with Keito's intonation) /bricked/ xD

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Otanjyobi omedetoooooo Jun!! \(^o^)/
And... yeah, despite of being busy with works and all, I managed to finish this...

Maybe not very good, because I drew it in a rush, but I still want to post it here, so... well... xDDD

mou ichido, otanomeeeee Jun!!

Junnassyii-nassyiiiiiii!!!! xDDDDD

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By a friend request, I'll write it down all here xp

Okay. Though my ichiban si Sho, I dream about Jun a lot. More than any other members ._.

Yeah. I know he's my 5-ban. I don't understand either, why it could happen. But it happened ._.

Almost all of my dream that involve him are horror, thriller, or adventure. And the worst part is, I remember clearly almost all part of my dream when I with him -_-

So, here they are...

1. Mysterious Elevator and Serial Killer

In my dream, I'm going to attend one of Arashi's variety show filming on the top floor of a hotel. Then, when I'm going up, suddenly the elevator switchs direction. It's not moving up, but backwards +_+

Then, when I get out of the elevator... There's blood everywhere... A great massacre has just taken place...

Then, comes the serial killer... With his bloody knife... Running towards me... He wants to kill me...!!! Dx

I run as fast as I can, while the killer still chasing behind me. I look for the elevator which can take me back to the real world. Fortunately, I find it at last! T.T
I manage to get back to the hotel loby, then go up to the top floor.

And you know what? When I think I'll finally be able to meet Sho after all the mess I get through... There's just Jun alone there... ._.
It turns out that it's Jun's solo variety show, and not Arashi's... -_-

After all that mess... After all that horror...!! -_-
I risk my life just to watch Jun -_-

Well, yeah... At least that time guest star is flumpool's Genki Amakawa...

Then I wake up... ._.

2. The Disaster

In this dream, I and Jun go for a picnic to a forest by car. I'm his girlfriend this time (why????? Dx )

That is a weird forest, because it's surrounded by river, and there are so many small lakes inside the forest. There are bridges made of rocks that connect one road to another above those lakes.

When I and Jun are having chat, suddenly a great earthquake happens!
The bridges collapse into the river and lakes.
The other cars fall down into the river and lakes... +_+

It's lucky that my car isn't on one of the bridge when the earthquake happened >.<

Jun stops our car, then we get out to help the people around us, who get injured by that disaster.

Because the bridges collapse, we're all trapped inside the forest. We can't get out, because there's a large river separates us from the other side of the land...

When we're busy thinking about how to go back home, I wake up --- yokatta it's just a dream! >.<

3. Zombie and Crazy Murderer

Since the begining of this dream, me and Jun are running away from a crazy murderer +_+

We end up in a big castle. We ge inside that castle to hide from the murderer who's chasing us. But it's no use. The murderer finds us easily. The people around us starting to be murdered one by one. It starting to be like a survival game +_+

Forunately, Jun is very clever and has good instinc. We always manage to avoid the murderer.

We run, and run, and run. Untill then we reach the dungeon...
As if being chased by a crazy murderer hasn't enough, here in the dungeon, there are zombies... Zombie everywhere!!! Dx

They chase us, trying to eat us!!! Dx

Jun holds my hand tight, dragging me to find an exit. And then we made it! We got out from the dungeon! >.<
But the crazy murderer has already stood there, waiting for us...

It turns out that she is one of Jun's big fans. She is jealous because Jun is with me. That's why she chases us. She wants to kill me Dx because then I realize, that I am Jun's girlfriend (again????????) -_-

Jun protects me from the murderer's attack.

Then I wake up ._.

The other dream about the IT exhibition, I had written it on my past entry, which tells about MatsuJun Fever.

Well, yeah, that's my super-duper weird and random dreams involving Jun ._.

I don't know why my dreams are always that random -_-
So random, that if I want to, I can make a fanfiction, or even novel based on those ._.

I'll write again if I get another random dreams, and I still remember about it when I wake up (because usually I immediately foget about my dreams as soon as I wake up xDD)

Okay then, jyaaa~ (^o^)/
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Yeah, I catch a MatsuJun Fever.

I don't know how or why. These last 3 or 4 days, my mood suddenly turns into Jun. I mean, I suddenly feel like wearing or using something purple. Or accidentaly encountering something purple.

The first symptomp I felt was when I woke up at Thursday morning. That time, out of the blue, this thought crossed my mind: "I'm going to wear purple t-shirt to go to work today!" And then when I arrived at the office, everyone else were also wearing purple clothes.....

The next symptom was the fact that I've been using Jun's pictures as my display picture on BBM for these last 3 or 4 days. Even until now, when I'm writting this post, I'm still using his pictures as my BBM display picture, and don't have any intention to change it yet.

The third symptom was last night. Jun interrupted my dream. That was a weird dream about an IT exhibition like the one I've always involved in. But the exhibiton wasn't held in JEC. It was held on a place like a container storage on a harbour, like the one that often being seen as the setting for a romp scene between the police and the bad guy. I can't remember the detail, but the exhibition turned into a game to win a rare type of PC. Me and Jun represented my company on that game. We lost. Hau. Really, that was a very weird dream ._.

Then, today. I was "kidnapped" by my cousins after work for a family meeting. We talked about the plan to make family t-shirts. The design will be the same, but the colour will be made different for each person. As you've already guessed, I obviously claimed for the red one. But ko May Sen turned up to want the red one too. We had an argument about it. But at last I lost. And then I get purple. Yeah. My t-shirt will be purple :x

Okay. Just take the positive side. When the t-shirts done, I will take a picture with ko May Sen, and we'll be Sakumoto~ <3 /bricked/ xD

Despite the arguments, we had a lot of fun talking about te design. It will be approximately like this:
It still a rough design though. Kevin and Nico will fix it for us tomorrow. Hope this will be great x3

Back to the main topic.



I definitely suffer MatsuJun Fever.

Ah, by the way, September 21st was Arafes at Kokuritsu. Want to go there so bad, but I have no money -_- so let's just wait for the DVD then.

Uh-oh, it's almost 3 am. I have to go to sleep now. I hope this Fever will be cured soon by Sho <3 /you wish/ xDD

See you! :3

*The tracklist of Arafes:


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