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He's even appeared in our local news xD

But thanks God it's not one of Arashi members coming to my city, or else I'll be so regretful for not knowing it. Haha.

Well, Aiba ever visited our zoo once, back then in 2006. I wasn't in the fandom yet at that time. I hope one of them will come to Jogja again in the near future, and if it really happens, I hope I can meet them xD

Finding Shu

Feb. 8th, 2016 03:26 pm
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Watanabe Shu is in Yogyakartaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! )
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Have just read this post from [ profile] 7day4dreamers, then I remembered about my own experience some times ago.

2 - 3 years ago, when I went to Amplaz with my friend, we found out that there was a Japanese Festival on the 3rd floor (in front of Centro).
It was a festival hold by the Japanese students in Jogja to gather charity for the tsunami victims in Japan.

When we're looking around the festival, a mini music show was just about to begin. Me and my friend joined the small crowd to watch that music show. It was a performance of a duo guitarists. Their music was really good.

That time, I thought the duo guitarists were also part of the Japanese students who hold the festival. Then, a couple months later, I found out that the duo I watched live at that time was Depapepe...!! That famous duo! Dx

I really regret I didn't recognize them at that time! Dx if not, I would had had their signature and a picture of me with them too now >.<

Ah yeah, speaking about that festival... I met a super-cute oniichan there!! /////
He looked sooooo alike Sakamoto Shogo, with a little touch of Nakamura Yuichi >//////<
(I'll upload the picture later, when I'm online by PC)

Here he is >/////<


And --- how lucky I was --- he asked me to dance together in Bon Odori in the end of the festival... //////// *fly*

But, baka me, because I was too dazzled at that time, I forgot to ask for his name... -_- (he knew mine though) -_-
Haaaa~ T.T

Ah well...


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