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"Sakurai Sho"
drawn in Sakurai Sho's drawing style

Sorry, Sho! x'D

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Happy 34th birthday, Masaki-niinii!!! ^o^)/

I didn't plan to make anything for him, actually. But it just happened that I could come home a bit early today (a very rare chance I get in Decembers, haha), so then I drew this...

Yeah. Saijaku no Ou.

Because Masaki is my favorite Saijaku no Ou xD

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Sho is borrowing Oh-chan's pumpkin hat~ :3
(The one he wore in last week's Tsukuttemiyou)

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You know exactly that you've fallen hard for someone when:

In a meeting, instead of taking notes of the new plan your boss is explaining, you choose to fill your notebook with a silhouette scribble of that certain someone.

I wish I brought my marker to the meeting today, so I could draw the silhouette properly. But whatever. Haha.

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So before this day end, I'll post this little thing I made for him earlier.

I accidentally found this on twitter:

Then I thought, "Why don't I grant his wish? It's his birthday anyway."

So then, I did it. I granted his wish...

Yeah xD

Happy Birthday, Ohno Satoshi! XD

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Well, actually I'm not going to participate in this challenge, because I'm really busy recently, so I'm sure that I won't be able to draw constantly everyday.

However then, one of my friend insist that I must join this challenge. So I join. But I'll just draw when I want to, and when I still have energy to do so.

I haven't posted my drawings anywhere. Just sharing them with some of my friends. So today, I decided to post them here.

Day 1 - 7 )

That's all for now.
If I can draw more, I'll upload them here again at the end of the month.

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Happy 32nd birthday, Arashi's Matsumoto Jun-kun ! x3

Well, actually I'm not going to make anything for his birthday this year (because I have not enough free time recently, and especially because I'm not in the mood for it :p). But then I remember that I've made something a while ago, in which Jun is the main character. So I then decided to post it today, on his birthday.

But then I remember again, that I've left it on my office desk... And because today is Sunday here in my country, I'm in a day off. So...

Gonna post it tomorrow instead. Ahahaha.

Here it is:

"MJ in Wonderland"


Matsumoto Jun as Alice
Sakurai Sho as White Rabbit
Aiba Masaki as Mad Hatter
Ohno Satoshi as Dormouse
and Ninomiya Kazunari as Chesire Cat

And, yeah. I made Jun did the crossdressing...

Sorry, Jun! xp
(Is said with Keito's intonation) /bricked/ xD

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Because there's this Taketere Project for Take-chan's birthday, and I decided to participate, I drew this last night :3

Instead of Kenshin or any other famous characters he had played, I chose to draw this.

Takeru in his first drama, Princess•Princess D :3

Because I think if I draw Kenshin or chef!Take, there will be many others who draw that, and because I'm an anti-mainstream *bricked* , so... xD

Like last year, the crew will print all of the entries, and Take will show it in tonight's Taketere birthday special (airing at Stolabo at 20.00 JST), which means that there's a chance my drawing will be seen by Take... >//////<

Waaaa! Hasukashiiiii /////////
*bricked again* xD

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So,.... out of bored, I made this...

It was made from the unused brochure, which scattered all around my exhibition stall.

Yes, I am being random, again xD

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Ontanyooobi omedetooooooooooopp !! x3

So, ... It looks like I shrunked Sho...
Oops, my bad :p


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Otanjyobi omedetoooooo Jun!! \(^o^)/
And... yeah, despite of being busy with works and all, I managed to finish this...

Maybe not very good, because I drew it in a rush, but I still want to post it here, so... well... xDDD

mou ichido, otanomeeeee Jun!!

Junnassyii-nassyiiiiiii!!!! xDDDDD



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