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Pecel Krokot more precisely.

Well, it's not that extreme, actually. But because it is kind of unusual to use Krokot as vegetable, so, I put it on this list... xD

Krokot is a kind of wild grass grows in the gardens here in Indonesia. It usually is used to feed crickets. Another reason why I put it in the extreme food list :3

At first, I think it will taste sweet, but it is surprisingly sour xD the fresh kind of sour, so... yeah, it's delicious :9

I have the picture of the raw version of Krokot (took it in my garden some times ago), but it is somewhere in my laptop, and I'm online via mobile now, so I will add it here later~ :3

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Yeah. Bat.
That nocturnal animal.

Fried bat, more precisely.

It needs a strong stomach to see the picture of it below.
Click if you want to see the pictures, but I'm not responsible if something bad happens to your stomach xD )

Yeah, I know. The appearance is not appealing at all. A little bit scary, in fact. And disgusting (?)
Like a little monster x'DDD

But still, I eat it...........
*because I always think that we just live once, so I have to experience as many things as possible, while I still have the chance... xDD

And, you may not believe this, but, despite its appearance, it tastes unexpectedly delicious! X9
It tastes just okay. Like chicken. And they said the bat meat has the savor to heal asthma.

So, if you're dare enough, maybe you can try this as well, one day... xD


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