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Warning:contains creepy stuff. Read on your own risk.

Dream, inside a dream, inside a dream )

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Today is the 4th day the rain falls non-stop here in Yogyakarta. It should be still in the middle of dry season now, but since Saturday, the rain keeps falling, and the sky is covered by the dark clouds all day long.

The gloomy situation somehow reflected in my dreams. These last 4 days, I had weird dreams. Strange, gloomy, angsty... The dreams were always around neverland (or the magical land somewhere far away), death, wizard-related stuffs, kidnapping, and the like...

I had a weird dream again last night. )

Haaaa... What a long and weird, weird dream... xDD

Demo, tanoshikatta~ xD
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Yeaa~ It has been a while since the last time I had a dream involving Ryuuta :3
I don't remember the detail though.

I was back in high school. It was English lesson time. I was in the classroom. Then I really needed to go to toilet. But when I was about to ask for permission from the teacher... how surprised I was! Because, sitting there on the teacher's desk... None other than flumpool them self! All four of them! xD

It was Ryuuta teaching the English lesson, and the three other just sat there watching xDDD

So random! xDDD

Ah, senseeeeeeeeiiiiiiii~ \(^o^)/

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By a friend request, I'll write it down all here xp

Okay. Though my ichiban si Sho, I dream about Jun a lot. More than any other members ._.

Yeah. I know he's my 5-ban. I don't understand either, why it could happen. But it happened ._.

Almost all of my dream that involve him are horror, thriller, or adventure. And the worst part is, I remember clearly almost all part of my dream when I with him -_-

So, here they are...

1. Mysterious Elevator and Serial Killer

In my dream, I'm going to attend one of Arashi's variety show filming on the top floor of a hotel. Then, when I'm going up, suddenly the elevator switchs direction. It's not moving up, but backwards +_+

Then, when I get out of the elevator... There's blood everywhere... A great massacre has just taken place...

Then, comes the serial killer... With his bloody knife... Running towards me... He wants to kill me...!!! Dx

I run as fast as I can, while the killer still chasing behind me. I look for the elevator which can take me back to the real world. Fortunately, I find it at last! T.T
I manage to get back to the hotel loby, then go up to the top floor.

And you know what? When I think I'll finally be able to meet Sho after all the mess I get through... There's just Jun alone there... ._.
It turns out that it's Jun's solo variety show, and not Arashi's... -_-

After all that mess... After all that horror...!! -_-
I risk my life just to watch Jun -_-

Well, yeah... At least that time guest star is flumpool's Genki Amakawa...

Then I wake up... ._.

2. The Disaster

In this dream, I and Jun go for a picnic to a forest by car. I'm his girlfriend this time (why????? Dx )

That is a weird forest, because it's surrounded by river, and there are so many small lakes inside the forest. There are bridges made of rocks that connect one road to another above those lakes.

When I and Jun are having chat, suddenly a great earthquake happens!
The bridges collapse into the river and lakes.
The other cars fall down into the river and lakes... +_+

It's lucky that my car isn't on one of the bridge when the earthquake happened >.<

Jun stops our car, then we get out to help the people around us, who get injured by that disaster.

Because the bridges collapse, we're all trapped inside the forest. We can't get out, because there's a large river separates us from the other side of the land...

When we're busy thinking about how to go back home, I wake up --- yokatta it's just a dream! >.<

3. Zombie and Crazy Murderer

Since the begining of this dream, me and Jun are running away from a crazy murderer +_+

We end up in a big castle. We ge inside that castle to hide from the murderer who's chasing us. But it's no use. The murderer finds us easily. The people around us starting to be murdered one by one. It starting to be like a survival game +_+

Forunately, Jun is very clever and has good instinc. We always manage to avoid the murderer.

We run, and run, and run. Untill then we reach the dungeon...
As if being chased by a crazy murderer hasn't enough, here in the dungeon, there are zombies... Zombie everywhere!!! Dx

They chase us, trying to eat us!!! Dx

Jun holds my hand tight, dragging me to find an exit. And then we made it! We got out from the dungeon! >.<
But the crazy murderer has already stood there, waiting for us...

It turns out that she is one of Jun's big fans. She is jealous because Jun is with me. That's why she chases us. She wants to kill me Dx because then I realize, that I am Jun's girlfriend (again????????) -_-

Jun protects me from the murderer's attack.

Then I wake up ._.

The other dream about the IT exhibition, I had written it on my past entry, which tells about MatsuJun Fever.

Well, yeah, that's my super-duper weird and random dreams involving Jun ._.

I don't know why my dreams are always that random -_-
So random, that if I want to, I can make a fanfiction, or even novel based on those ._.

I'll write again if I get another random dreams, and I still remember about it when I wake up (because usually I immediately foget about my dreams as soon as I wake up xDD)

Okay then, jyaaa~ (^o^)/
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It was a dream. A random dream.

Last night I dreamed about I and Aiba being a shepherd. But we're not herding the sheep. We're herding dogs! Soooo many cute and fluffy-furred dogs! >////////<

Nyaaahh~ I love dogs very much, especially the one with fluffy fur! >/////<

Anyway, it was a very long dream actually, but when I woke up, I couldn't remember the detail. The one that I can remember clearly is the part when I and Aiba (who's wearing his blue overall >.<) herd the dogs in a wide grassy land.

That reminds me of Green Label CM xD

Then suddenly my random dream becomes even more random: I, Aiba, and the dogs go through a dry river. I don't really know why the setting suddenly changes.

This river has big stones on its bottom. When I and Aiba herd the dogs towards the stall, suddenly big crocodiles appear! Dx The crocodiles try to attack me, Aiba, and the dogs! Dx

I and Aiba do our best as a shepherd to save the dogs. Then when all of the dogs have been saved inside the stall, we continue running from the crocodiles Dx

Oh my~ why do my dreams are always sooooo random??? >.<

Well, I hope I dream about Sho tonight. Though it might become a random one just like usual, as long as it's with Sho... ///// *slapped* xD

Sore jya~ oyaShominasai~ (-o-)/
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I had a dream about Catochi last night! X3

Just a random dream. Nothing special. But still, I'm very happy! X3

I'm so happy that when I woke up, I could still remember it clearly x3

Catochi was at my home in Ngawi, wearing his pink 2013 24hr Terebi t-shirt.

We were in a same project. We had to report something from Ngawi, but I can't remember what we had to report.

What I remember clearly is, I and Desi were arguing about who should go to accompany Catochi on the first broadcast. But before we could decide, the broadcast had already over! XD Catochi walked passing us, smiling warm towards me~ aahhh~ my kokoroooohhh~ >/////<

Okay. I'm officially drunk because of him >///<

Gomen ne, Sho. Don't worry, eventhough I get so drunk of Catochi, it doesn't change the fact that you are my beloved ichiban <3 :3

Ah well~ x3

Notes: Catochi ---> Ohno Satoshi xD
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I had a very weird dream.

I don't remember the detail just like usual. But the dream was about Take-chan :3

In my dream, we ate together. But he was so picky, that he didn't eat all the vegetable in his dishes. I scolded him much about it. I forced him to eat up all the vegetable he left on the plate xDDDD

Maan, I miss him so much. Can't wait for his movies to be released >.<

*photo was taken from Koudai's blog. Looks like Take went to watch FROGS 2013 or Tenimyu 2nd Shitenhouji,, >.< as usual, he's close to his kouhai <3 *


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