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Not "laptop"-nya, okay xD

It's one of traditional food from Tegal. The name is so weird in my ear, that I then want to write about it here xD

Some days ago I went to Semarang, and one of my work mates from the branch shop there brought latopnya for us from his hometown.

I wonder what kind of food is that. But it turns out that it is like bakpia, the traditional food from Jogja.

Only that the shape is square. While bakpia's shape is usually round.

Other difference is the layer of the skin. Latopnya's skin is harder and has less layers than bakpia's.

Both have mung beans as filling.

I wonder is there chocolate / cheese latopnya too? Because nowadays bakpia has so many different tastes xD

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Kore mite!!!

Green and Pink burgers... xDDDDD
These remind me of that certain episode in Spongebob Squarepants, where Spongebob invented colorful Krabby Patty... xDDDD

Nah, well.
Despite the color, it tastes pretty much okay :9
For them who don't want colorful bun, they can order the normal-colored ones here, no worries xD

Uh. I hope my tongue doesn't become glow-in-the-dark* after I eat this... xDDDDD

*notes: In that Spongebob episode, the colorful Krabby Patty brings side-effects to the one eating it, like their body suddenly covered by checkered motives, their tongue turns colorful, and in one case, it makes a customer's tongue glow in the dark... xDDDD

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Yes, this is ice cream desu! *Aiba-nglish: activated!* xD

The making )

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Pecel Krokot more precisely.

Well, it's not that extreme, actually. But because it is kind of unusual to use Krokot as vegetable, so, I put it on this list... xD

Krokot is a kind of wild grass grows in the gardens here in Indonesia. It usually is used to feed crickets. Another reason why I put it in the extreme food list :3

At first, I think it will taste sweet, but it is surprisingly sour xD the fresh kind of sour, so... yeah, it's delicious :9

I have the picture of the raw version of Krokot (took it in my garden some times ago), but it is somewhere in my laptop, and I'm online via mobile now, so I will add it here later~ :3

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Yeah. Bat.
That nocturnal animal.

Fried bat, more precisely.

It needs a strong stomach to see the picture of it below.
Click if you want to see the pictures, but I'm not responsible if something bad happens to your stomach xD )

Yeah, I know. The appearance is not appealing at all. A little bit scary, in fact. And disgusting (?)
Like a little monster x'DDD

But still, I eat it...........
*because I always think that we just live once, so I have to experience as many things as possible, while I still have the chance... xDD

And, you may not believe this, but, despite its appearance, it tastes unexpectedly delicious! X9
It tastes just okay. Like chicken. And they said the bat meat has the savor to heal asthma.

So, if you're dare enough, maybe you can try this as well, one day... xD
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Yeaaaaay! \(^w^)/

Me and Desi, just the two of us. We've passed around 200 kilometers in 11 hours by motorcycle!! (~'.')~



We're just... bored. That's why we tried to kill some times...
*slapped* xDDD

I won't give long description in this time's report. Just let the pictures talk~
/oy/ xD

Sooooo~ here's yesterday's beach adventure~


1. Kukup )

2. Sepanjang )

3. Drini )

4. Krakal )

5. Sundak )

6. Pulang Sawal / Indrayanti )

7. Pok Tunggal )

On the way back home... )

The dehlisyaaas omiageeee~ )


End of the adventure... )

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June, 20th 2014 - First Day

The adventure begin...

Departure from Jogja )

Arrival at Bali )

Bedugul )

Pure Ulun Danu )

Joger )

Tanah Lot )

Agung Bali Souvenir Center )

Dinner :9 )

Hotel )

(to Day 2)
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Delicrazyous. Bad pun. I know xp

Delicious foods a day full :9

This were my breakfast:

1. Omelette

made of noodle, being fried with egg.

2. Macaroni Cheese

Then, when lunch time came, my cousin took me to Mediteranian Resto, and i had this:

1. Rib-eye steak, with sliced potatoes and roasted garlic, plus vegetable, and black pepper sauce

Today is the first time I eat medium-rare steak. And you know, if you're in a hurry, it's better not to order a medium-rare steak, because it's sooooo hard to slice the meat!! xD
Then i learned that there is certain technique to cut rib-eye. The texture of the meat is special. it has so many muscles and fat with the same percentage. So, if you cut it in wrong direction, the meat will be so hard to be sliced. You have to follow the texture. and when the muscle's line being found, cut it there. It will be much easier.

..... what did I write??
Haha xD

For the dessert, we had:

2. Apple pie with ice cream

And you know, this one is SUPER DELICIOUS!!!! x9
The sweetness is just... perfect! (I'm not really into sweets, so...)
And the crispy-ness of the pastry! :9

Then, as if the breakfast and the lunch still didn't enough...


I'll have these for my dinner :9
Kroket, risoles, and... another slice of apple pie.

So, see you then!

Ittadakimasu!!!!! \(^w^)/
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I'm going to write about my first journey abroad this time :3
It was a very great experience, that I think I have to write it down in my journal x3

So here we go...

Preparation )

November 30th, 2013 - The First Day )

The City Tour... )

whoops, I have to go now. I'll finish this later. See you :D
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It's been a while since the last time I write about culinary.

I've just eaten this fruit.
Kepel fruit.
The shape looks like sawo, but very different in texture and taste.

This fruit surprisingly tastes very good.
It has several tastes in one bites, the mixing of milk, vanilla, pineapple, and jackfruit :9

I want to eat some more next time x9
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I won't talk about the gathering activity. I will talk about the food!! \(´▽`)/

Phoenix's lasagna is the best. But this time it wasn't vegetable lasagna. It was seafood lasagna.

There's also blackpepper beef, roasted potatoes (roasted without being peeled first), Singapore style fried noodle, and mushroom vegetable stir.

Ah, I also took some chicken salada. I wanted to taste the soup as well, but I was to full to do so.

For coffee break snack, there was this pudding:

Cute x3 the chocolate taste is very strong. I love it :9
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I went to Asagaya yesterday to have lunch with To-chan and Reza. When we got there, the "Closed" sign hanged on the door of the restaurant. We thought it was strange, because the door was open, yet the sign showed that it was close. Then, we saw there's someone inside the restaurant, who's cleaning the floor. To-chan went to ask her, and we was right. The restaurant was open. They just forgot to flip the sign from "close" to "open".

The woman who we saw cleaning the room greeted us warmly, and let us inside the restaurant. Latter, we knew that her name is Mrs. Dahlia, and she is the manager of Asagaya.

Because there wasn't any other customer, she could have a long chat with us. She explained the menu to us. About the ingredients and the taste. And she even suggested us the special menu of Asagaya.

Mrs. Dahlia also showed us the ocha powder that was being used in Asagaya. The original ocha, imported directly from Japan.

I just found out that the ocha powder could be consumed just like that, without being brewed first. It tasted like roasted peanuts :9

Reza ordered curry rice, To-chan ordered sakana bento, and I ordered Curry Friend Rice.
(Curry Fried Rice)

The curry fried rice taste good. But for me, Asagaya's curry rice is better.

I also ordered okonomiyaki, because Mrs. Dahlia said that their okonomiyaki is way more delicious than Tuan Muda's. It made me curious, because I always think that Tuan Muda's okonomiyaki is the best this far (among okonomiyakis that I've ever eaten).

And Mrs. Dahlia was right. Asagaya's okonomiyaki is WAY more delicious. Well I don't know, I think it's about taste. It could be different for other people. But for me, I prefer the thin and crispy one, if we talk about okonomiyaki. They also put pineaples inside the dough. It brings certain fresh taste for the okonomiyaki. I love that sensation on my tongue. That's why I prefer Asagaya's than Tuan Muda's.

For the drink, I choosed fiber juice. The fiber juice ingredients are lemon and kiwi. You know, I hate kiwi because of its smell. At first, I didn't want to order fiber juice. But Mrs. Dahlia said that it taste very good. So I took the risk and ordered one. And once again she was right. It tasted so fresh :9 the kiwi's smell didn't exist anymore :3

After finished our dishes, we had a long chat again with Mrs. Dahlia about many things. Then before went home, of course I didn't forget to get my point card stamped. And I was lucky, because I had my card stamped 2 sign at once! \(´▽`)/ 5 more to go, thet I could get free voucher worth Rp 25.000,- x3

Well, that's yesterday's culinary report. I'm very lucky I went to Asagaya yesterday. I learnt many new things about culinary world and many other things from Mrs. Dahlia :3

By the way, I am sick right now :( I catch a cold :(

Look how bad are the bruises on my skin when I got "kerokan" this morning. Kerokan is a traditional way to cure cold by rubbing some cajuput oil or other medical ointment on the skin, and then scratch the surface of the skin with coins. There would be bruises from that action, and we can see how bad is the cold by how red the bruises are. The scratch is to open the pores, so that the wind trapped inside the body could be released. That makes the body lighter.

Because of the cold, I went home earlier today. I've taken the medicine just now. So I think I'm going to stop writting now. Must take enough rest, so tomorrow I can get back to work in a good condition.

Ja ne~

*PS: got this from Fen-chan. Kawaii desu, nee??? X3 look at the colour! It's A.M.N.O.S \(´▽`)/


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