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Yeah, I've watched it! At last! \(´▽`)/
Thanks for Neil-san (motobocor) who's so kind to share the DVD rip x3 <3

1. The Intro

I was like "waaaaaa!!" All the time during the intro xD aah, I'm just realized now that I miss them so much! All of Handsome-tachi. Especially Take-chan >.<

That's why when Take finally appears (he shows up at the stage last), I have to block my mouth so my scream don't wake my next-door-neighboor xDDD

2. This is The Time

Basically I love this song, so... \(´▽`)/
Haru-Take all over this song xD

Yuta... You've grown into a real Hansamu ;.; so cute, yet kakkoi >.<

But I don't really like Takkun's hair. It's purple. And weird -_-

3. Kimi no Rithm

Sawayaka team~ \(´▽`)/
Hontou ni sawayaka da yo~ x3

Kinapin, Yuta, Mikki, Shuhei, and... Oryooooooo~ \(´▽`)/

Oryoo with his Sakuta Ryuusei's smug xDD

Shuhei looks totally kakkoi here >.< And I fall in love with his voice! >.<

Love Mikki's hair too x3

4. White Serenade

Gee! This is my most favorite song in SHL 2012 album! Kakkun's voice is so... Adorable! <3 <3 <3

Haruma looks georgeous here. But still, I can't take my eyes off Kakkun x3 <3

Mijut, Soichi, Yuujiro, and Ruirui are the back-dancer here :3

Nice performance! X3


OMG, TAKE-CHAN IS SO HOT!!!!!!!! >////////<
My eyes stick on him all along the performance >/////<

That last wink, is soo..... >///////< /dead/

Kimi-chan's voice never change. I love it x3 but he's so skinny... T.T

Ruirui looks beautiful x3 /bricked xD

6. Butterfly

Mijut - Soichi - Takkun

Love the costumes very much, especially So-chan's <3

Mijuta's and Takkun's legs are georgeous as usual. Long and thin~ <3
Ahhh, my fettish! >///<

Mujuta's grins and wink... O///O

7. Kimi Dake no Hero


Taka-nii - Yoshitaku - Shota - Izuken - Yuujiro

There's a vtr played along during their performance on stage.

A typical super hero story, where 5 of them have to fight the bad guy (Takkun, Kimi, and Ruirui)

At first, they lose. But then they get a power for "Henshin" xD

Shota becomes Red
Yujiro becomes Blue
Izuken becomes Green
Yoshitaku becomes Yellow

And Taka-nii becomes... Pink!!! XDDD
..... Or purple?? Saa...??? XD

The fightling scene is so hillarious! XD

Takkun makes a 'The Matrix" move (with slo-mo) when Taka-nii gives him a punch xDD

The coreography is hillarious too. Aah, I love this performance! So amuseing! XD

8. Feel the Same

♪ I fly, I can fly, kimi ga iru kara~ ano sora e, I just go away, doko made mo takaku tobitai yaya~ ♪

I love this song too <3

Haru-Take again xD
Well, I'm not a HT shipper, but it's been a while since the last time I watched them together like this, so, it feels a kind of nostalgic x3

They show some parts of the show that aren't recorded into DVD during this song... It makes me want to watch the entire show... T.T

Take in that pink cat costume. Kakkun and Haruma in those Dracula costumes, Mijut in that police costume... Soichi and some others doing tap dance. Papa Shuu shows up, Hansamu-tachi swing their towel along with the audiences. Take looks soooo cheerfull all along the show...

Aaaa... Mitai!!! >.<

9. With You

One of my favorite song too. This is the last song recorded.

Take cries. Kimi cries... Kawaiiii >.<

Mijuta's grin again!! >/////<

Some Prestage members show up here and sing along x3

Aaaahh~ I really want to watch the full show >.<
I want to see them singing Arashi's Truth >.<

Cho tanoshii! Take-chan looks so handsome here, with his short-black hair >///<
I hope after RuroKen's filming is over, he'll cut his hair short again, and dye it black >.<

Ah well, SHL 2013 had just ended 2 days ago. Hope this year's show will be recorded into DVD too.

Take-chan wasn't on the stage this year though. He'll just show up in video. But they say he showed up on the first day show xD

Btw last night Shota, Takkun, Dori, Mijut, and Soichi was on Stolabo Live Streaming. Handsome Party or so. I forget the title. They were broadcasting live until 5 or 6 am JST! Sugeee!! XD hope there will be someone who record it and share the video, because from Shota's tweets,, it looks like the live was so interesting xD

Aah, well. Can't wait for SHL 2013 DVD x3 <3
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Still at Upit's house. Can't wait to pick it up tonight! X3

Speaking about Arashi, their newest album, LOVE, will be released soon. The tracklist totally makes me curious, especially the solos. Take example Sho's solo. The title is "Sugar and Salt". Just by reading it, makes me laugh xD I also can't wait for Nino's solo. They say it is a song for his mother. Looks like that will be the greatest solo again (?)

I've heard the preview of P.A.R.A.D.O.X by the way, and the Sakurap part here is so... Spectaculaire! >////< after two singles with no Sakurap in, this one is surely a breakhtrough. His voice is so dangerous. Yabeeee~ >/////< if you want to know what does it sounds like, his voice is similar with when he did the Sakurap part in Let Me Down, but this time, the sexyness doubled >////< he inserts certain slurping sound in the middle of the Sakurap that makes me go crazy!!! >/////<

And they said that today the PV Preview of P.A.R.A.D.O.X will be out. Oh, I hope I can watch it soon! X3

By the way flumpool's new single has been released too. I'm too lazy to update at that time, so, I'll write about it here too, now /bricked/ +_+

There are 3 songs on Tsuyoku Hakanaku/Belief~Haru wo Matsu Kimi e:
1. Tsuyoku Hakanaku
2. Belief~Haru wo Matsu Kimi e (ft. Mayday)
3. Brilliant Days

My favorite song for this single is Brilliant Days. The music is the similar type of Yuzu's With You. It stimulates my imagination. I be like 'fuwaaa' everytime I listen to the reff part (sorry about my randomness) xD overall this single is great! All the three songs well-accepted by my ear x3

Ah, btw our fanbook project has already done, and sent to flumpool. It arrived at AMUSE's office three or four days ago. AMUSE Asia even wrote on their facebook account about it! I can't help but proud! X3 thanks for flumpool International Team! X3

Hope it has arrived on Ryuuta's hand by now (?) *dokidoki* >///<

Yesterday, the list for Hansamu-tachi 2013 was announced too. And guess what?? SAKURADA DORI'S NAME IS ON THE LIST!!!!! \(´▽`)/ he's back!! At last!! \(´▽`)/ will his English be better this time, after he spent a year in England?? Hm... I don't think so... /riderkicked/ xD

Take-chan, Dori, MizoTaku: Den-O family! \(´▽`)/
Take-chan, Mijutan, Oryoo: my top 3 on the same stage once again <3<3<3

Zannen papa Shuu's name is not on the list again this year :(

But there will be Koudai too on the stage x3 I hope there will be DVD this year. Or at least someone who kind enough to record and share the live viewing like in 2011, because last year there were just 4 fancam videos for SHL 2012 :'(

I plan to buy SHL 2013 official goods this time. But I don't know the transaction procedure in ASMART. I will try to ask some online shops. Hope there will be someone who can help me with it >.<

Uh... I have to get ready to go to work. So I'm going to stop here.

See you!


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