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So, today I went to CLAS:H with my friends from tokusatsu community, and we had a LOT of fun! xD

There's JKT48 performing some songs, but because we came a bit late, the wota already blocked our view, so I could barely see the stage.

Then Hiroaki Kato-san.

He performed some songs (including Himawari no Yakusoku !!!) and played shamisen while singing a folksong from Okinawa (Hana something something -- I forget the title).

And then the cosplay competition.

There was this team who cosplayed Kamen Rider Kabuto, and their performance was SOOOO COOL!!!

They made superb costumes, which were so detailed, it awed me so much. I mean, come on! They made the costumes Cast Off-able! (yeah, they do the Cast Off live, and it's soooo damn COOL!) And they even transformed into Hyper Kabuto on stage!!! *_* Not only that, the Worm then also transformed into Dark Kabuto! *_*

Gee, I've never seen cosplay performance as cool as this before.

No wonder they then won the "Best Costume" and the first prize! :D

There's also Exaid, but I missed their performance :(

And then after all of the excitemen from watching the cosplay competition... I got to take a picture with Genki!!! xD Not going to upload the pic here, though xD

He smells so good, by the way... *bricked x'DDDDD

Nah. Because of the super cool performance of the Kabuto team, now I really feel like rewatching Kabuto.

So I'd better dig my Kamen Rider Kabuto DVD out now xD


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