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So. I went to watch it, finally. And my oppinion is... I'M NOT SATISFIED YET!!! Dx

Too short! There are still tooooo many possibilities... So many things, which will be interesting to be explored further.

It's a great movie, and I know there will be a sequel to this one. But still.

I want a novel out of this! Dx A whole story in one (or more) book! >.<

Nah, below is the list of things which I think would be great to be explored further (or in the other words: the things I want to know further):

1. Newt's time in Hogwarts; a more detailed story about how he got expelled from school, and his interaction with Dumbledore

2. Leta Lestrange. Who was she?! And what's her relationship with Newt?!?!?! Because Newt suddenly looked so bitter when Queeny talked about Leta. I want to knoooooww!! QAQ

3. Mr. Graves. What's his position in American Wizarding Confederation? I see he could move things only with the waving of his hands, without a wand. How could he do that? And if Grindelwald disguised as him, then where's the real Mr. Graves?

4. Queeny and her ability of legillimancy

5. Ilvermorny!! (Yeah, yeah, I've read about it in pottermore. But still.) I want to see more bantering between ex-Hogwarts and ex-Ilvermorny about their beloved school xD

6. How Newt managed to catch Douglas the Demiguise. I definitely want to know! xD

7. Credence's past

8. More awkward-romantic moments between Newt and Tina. Gosh, they're CUUUUUUTTTTEEE!!! x3

9. What's Grindelwald gonna do with the Obscurus if he could find one?

10. Details about American Wizarding Confederation

There are 10 things so far. I'll edit the list if I remember the others, haha.

And beside all of those things, the reason why I really want a novel out of this is because I've officially fallen in love with Newt's character... /////////

I ever heard rumours before, about Fantastic Beast will become a novel. I hope it will come true! >.<


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