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And soooo... today is my birthday. And before this day ends, I'm gonna tell you about what happened today.

Last night I had to go back to my hometown, for I need to renew my driving license. Today is the first day of Yogyakomtek exhibition, that's why I can't take a day off. So right after my driving license got renewed, I went straight back to Jogja.

Honestly, I didn't expect anything special for this time's birthday, because I was very busy and all (and because, believe me, if you've reached my age, birthdays are not that special anymore. Or is it just me? Well... xD), so... yeah. However, what I found when I came back to my rent house this afternoon was this:

A surprise from D! Apparently she decorated my room when I was away... xD (yeah, she indeed holds a spare key of my room, in case I lost mine, because I'm careless like that xp)

I have Arashi-colored balloons floating near my ceiling, a Sho-ish birthday message on my wall (H!B!D! minus all of the ! marks), and Sakumoto heart-shaped ballons too!! XDD

Gee, I don't know what to say, for I'm very happy... xDDD

And this is what it's like when I lay on my bed:

The rainbow balloons right above mee~ xD

I got birthday cake too from my boss and my coworkers. But I don't have the picture. They ate it all up before I could take a picture of my cake LOL xDD

Ah well, thanks so much Papi Jesus for such a great friend and for a fun birthday, even when I didn't expect today to be this fun x3

Hope I can be a better person in my increasing age, amen :3


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