Aug. 7th, 2016 12:59 am
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It happened around this time yesterday.

I had been sleeping since around 10 p.m because I was sick.

Then suddenly I was awakened by the continuous knocking on my bedroom's door.

I thought It was morning already, and I overslept, so one of my housemates came to wake me up.

But then I checked the clock on my phone and it displayed 00.24 on its screen. And I had goosebumps running down my spine all at once, because who that could be? The one knocking on my bedroom's door so persistently at wee hour of the night...?

I stayed still and listened. Still hoping it was one of my housemates who might need something from me, so she must wake me up even at such time.

If it was really one of them, they would usually have started to call my name if I won't wake up no matter how persistent they had knocked on my door.

But the knocking went on. And not a single call I heard.

All I can heard beside the persistent knocking was just the noise of the hard rain outside.

I didn't dare to move, nor to make any sound, because I was really scared.

Thanks God it then stopped not long after.

I stayed awake for some more time before being able to go back to sleep again.


I don't want to experience it ever again >.<


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