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Title:- (I can't think of one, because this is just a random scene popping up inside my head when I was starving in an impromptu meeting with my senior :v)
Prompt: tortilla chips
Genre: slice of life, office!AU
Pairing: Jun x OC (female)
Rating: G
Words count: 582
Disclaimer:only happened inside my head
A/N: really, you don't need to read this one. Because when i say 'random', it literally means random :x


"So, I guess you haven't had your lunch yet?" Jun raises his brows over the miserable looks on her face.

She almost rolls her eyes at that question. Jun should've known the answer better. Because he was the one who called her to join him in an impromptu meeting with a client right at lunch break time. So there's no way that she has had her lunch, while he himself hasn't.

Well, except if hastily shoving a handfull of tortilla chips she robbed from Masaki into her mouth while hurriedly ran to the meeting room could be considered as one, then she has.

That's what she wants to tell him, actually. But she manages to hold her tongue and just gives him a shrug as the reply, which is then considered as a 'no' by Jun.

He can't help but chuckles seeing a big pout curving on her lips now. She doesn't even try to hide it, and it makes Jun realizes that she must be so pissed at him now.

"What?" She barks at him, clearly annoyed.

Jun shakes his head, an amuse grin stays on his face. "Nino's right. You're funny when you're starving."

She throws him a glare. "I prefer the word dangerous than funny to describe myself when I'm hungry. And you should really stop hanging out with Ninomiya too often. He's a bad influence."

Jun slumps on his chair laughing at that, but then he quickly stands up as he sees her stomps towards the meeting room's exit, puffing.

"Wait," he says between his snorts, trying to catch her steps. "Where are you going?"

"Lunch," she replies, still as fiercely as before, without stopping or slowering her steps. "Or I should call it dinner now, because it's already this late."

Jun checks his watch and his eyes widen in surprise, because it turns out that it is half past six already. He didn't notice the time flew that fast, for he was too focus on the meeting.

Suddenly he felt a tinge of guilt in his chest. The giggles and grins disappear at once from his face.

"Sorry, " he says then, trying to sound as solemn as possible after all the laughter. "I should've paid more attention to the time."

He waits for a moment, but she doesn't reply, nor turns to look at him. So he then reaches out and grabs her arm in his attempt to stop her steps.

"Hey," he calls softly.

"What?" she spits out, finally turns to give Jun an annoyed look.

"I'm sorry," he repeats his apology.

"Look, Jun-kun, you know that I'm starving. So please just let me go to grab some food." She tries to free her arm from Jun's grip, but Jun won't let go. So she thows another glare towards his coworker.

"I'm not letting go unless you forgive me," he says stubbornly.

Silent for a while, until then she sighs in defeat.

"Okay. I forgive you. But only if you treat me delicious yakiniku."

At that, Jun chuckles again. "No problem," he remarks. Then he smirks teasingly, and copying her tone from before, he adds, "But really, you should stop hanging out with Sho-kun too much. You're starting to be a glutton like him."

She laughs at that, and gives Jun a playful punch on his upper arm. And they walk out of the already-empty office building towards Jun's car, to head to the nearest yakiniku place to have their lunch--I mean dinner--together.


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