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Well, yeah, since I have a little free time here, I think I (finally) will make an introduction post.

So, here we go...

Something about me:
- English is not my first language. But still, I write almost all the posts here in English, so not all my friends understand it. Because you know, sometimes there are people who want to know too much about other's business. It's not that this journal contains something important or something, but well, yeah... xD So there might be some grammatical errors or typos, and I hope I'm forgiven... xp

About this journal
- I talk about AMUSE, Arashi, and flumpool much in this journal, because I love them! x3 I'm not very update though, because I'm very busy with works and all >.< But I'll write reviews or anything when I have time :3
- I also talk about food, traveling, and any other things that I'm interested in
- This journal is the place where I pour all my randomness. I won't bother to lock my post, because usually I online via mobile, and we can't lock the post from mobile version. So don't read the posts if you think those are too weird, delusional, or crazy. Because that's me who wrote it. One of the weirdest person in the world xD Being random is one of the way I could refresh my brain :3
- I don't always friend back. Except I know you, or I think you're interesting enough

So, that's all.

So, Welcome to the Jungle!!!!
/slapped xD
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