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Well, yeah, since I have a little free time here, I think I (finally) will make an introduction post.

So, here we go...

Something about me:
- English is not my first language. But still, I write almost all the posts here in English, so not all my friends understand it. Because you know, sometimes there are people who want to know too much about other's business. It's not that this journal contains something important or something, but well, yeah... xD So there might be some grammatical errors or typos, and I hope I'm forgiven... xp

About this journal
- I talk about AMUSE, Arashi, and flumpool much in this journal, because I love them! x3 I'm not very update though, because I'm very busy with works and all >.< But I'll write reviews or anything when I have time :3
- I also talk about food, traveling, and any other things that I'm interested in
- This journal is the place where I pour all my randomness. I won't bother to lock my post, because usually I online via mobile, and we can't lock the post from mobile version. So don't read the posts if you think those are too weird, delusional, or crazy. Because that's me who wrote it. One of the weirdest person in the world xD Being random is one of the way I could refresh my brain :3
- I don't always friend back. Except I know you, or I think you're interesting enough

So, that's all.

So, Welcome to the Jungle!!!!
/slapped xD
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Recently, I started this new hobby, and it's quite addictive! A great way to de-stress :D
Maybe I'll make something like this for Jun's birthday (?). We'll see...
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I did manage to draw something for his birthday, but I just didn't have the time to post it here yet.
So here it is, Nino's 34th birthday fanart:
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Time flies, huh. )
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The very first time posting here, yeah. )
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One Word: EPIC! )
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I feel like rewatching Kamen Rider Kabuto now )

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"Sakurai Sho"
drawn in Sakurai Sho's drawing style

Sorry, Sho! x'D

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Happy 34th birthday, Masaki-niinii!!! ^o^)/

I didn't plan to make anything for him, actually. But it just happened that I could come home a bit early today (a very rare chance I get in Decembers, haha), so then I drew this...

Yeah. Saijaku no Ou.

Because Masaki is my favorite Saijaku no Ou xD

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What a GREAT PV! *_*

It's been a while since the last time I watch a PV with such a great concept *w*

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Sho is borrowing Oh-chan's pumpkin hat~ :3
(The one he wore in last week's Tsukuttemiyou)

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He's even appeared in our local news xD

But thanks God it's not one of Arashi members coming to my city, or else I'll be so regretful for not knowing it. Haha.

Well, Aiba ever visited our zoo once, back then in 2006. I wasn't in the fandom yet at that time. I hope one of them will come to Jogja again in the near future, and if it really happens, I hope I can meet them xD

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It's raining hard outside now... )


Aug. 21st, 2016 09:06 pm
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Not "laptop"-nya, okay xD

It's one of traditional food from Tegal. The name is so weird in my ear, that I then want to write about it here xD

Some days ago I went to Semarang, and one of my work mates from the branch shop there brought latopnya for us from his hometown.

I wonder what kind of food is that. But it turns out that it is like bakpia, the traditional food from Jogja.

Only that the shape is square. While bakpia's shape is usually round.

Other difference is the layer of the skin. Latopnya's skin is harder and has less layers than bakpia's.

Both have mung beans as filling.

I wonder is there chocolate / cheese latopnya too? Because nowadays bakpia has so many different tastes xD


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